I’ve been using blender for two years now, but this same issue keer coming up…

When I turn on GLSL (2.55) I’m not able to see any of the textures(not even in preview). I abselutely have no idea of what I did wrong(probebly a box that isn’t checked).

Note that the textures arn’t used as materials, I just put them into the UV editor and unwrap.

Plz don’t say that I just need to use google, because believe me, I did…:eek:

help me if you can…


Note that the textures arn’t used as materials, I just put them into the UV editor and unwrap.

That’s your problem

First, I’d check that your graphics card and drivers fully supports GLSL (not every card does, and some cards only offer basic support for it). I’m not sure where the GLSL options are in Blender 2.55 so I can’t help you there. Perhaps a screen shot might help diagnose the problem?

He means that GLSL needs material textures.

Ok, thx for the tip!!


P.S. it’s not my grafics card I believe(got a verry fast and decent hd computer)

Well, add an object!
“Unwrap” his faces in the UV Editor, maybe!
Assign a “Material” to it!
Add a “Texture” to this “Material”, “Image or Movie” type!
Load an image ( Image tab - Open)
In the “Mapping” tab choose UV as “Coordinates” ( if you have unwraped your object before in the UV Editor), or Object then!
In Edit Mode, in the UV Editor load the same image ( to have Texture preview in the 3D view, Alt-Z keys)
It should work now…I hope!

Nope, it doesn’t…:frowning:

I’ll post a blend file with a simplefied version of the problem:Problem.blend (951 KB)

you forget to “pack” the textures…and to add a camera to your scene!
But, I just load a texture of mine ( Image tab - Source), in place of your grass one, and it works!

I believe you unwrapped the cube, but didn’t mark seems - I think you thought you had unwrapped the cube, but just hit “unwrap”, which needs seems to work. I just used the unwrap type “reset” (maps each face to the whole image), added a cloth image, and it works. This texture is from I know I’m not supposed to redistribute, but I just added a random texture. It’s also not in a size you’d want to use for a game, just so you know.


sample.blend (1.08 MB)

It worked!!

Under image in texture tab it sais: can’t get image, I puched the reload button and it worked!!