GLTF Export to Unity = Problems with "This GameObject has overlapping UVs"

Hey guys,
when I export some object with a smart unwrapp from Blender to Unity via GLTF Exporter, I get allways Problems with the Lightmapping in Unity. I get this massage: “This GameObject has overlapping UVs”
Whats wrong?

Is anybody out there who now´s this problem. How I can fix it?


wrong place. this is blender game engine only.

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People here are a bit BGE centric…

Try on the Unity forums, people might be able to help you better there :slight_smile:


there might have some reasons :wink:

  • you actually got overlapping UVs
  • your UV margins are unsifficient for non adjacent tris
  • you use a diffuse UV layer ( wich allows overlapping ) instead of your lightmap UV ( wich don’t )

I use to have 2 UVs for unity the 1st one for diffuse/spec/normal/displ/etc… and the second one for lightmapping/dirtmapping

And yes this IS the BGE and UPBGE ( wich is not part of blender and therefore has nothing to do over here just as U3D/UDK/CRY don’t ) reserved forum. You should post in the global game engine forum wich don’t restric the talk to BGE, preventing dog-guards to piss you off with useless posts :wink:

happy Blending and Unitying ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the aswer and sorry for the wrong palce. It was in the night and i was tired…

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