Glucose C6 H12 O6

This is just somthing im working on, tell me what you think.
c&c welome

Having No clue what Glucose C6 H12 06 looks like, I can’t say much lol, but it looks like it’d make a good example in a science textbook

well thanks i guess. come on what do all you guys think?

can’t tell much fom that angle but isn’t a glucose molecule hexagonal in shape?

you should tweak it into a different sugar then add a phosphate and a nitrogen base to make a nucleotide and set up a DNA chain. Maybe even think about animating it.

Anyway, good start, keep it up!

well it is hexagonal i just thought this angle was more interesting. but i can post a top view angle to show the shape bettere if youd like. and i like your idea about making it into a DNA chain.