"Glue" the eyes of GUS (blender's first animation)

Dear all,

Sorry if this question is too stupid for you ! I am learning blender and I started from the blender’s user guide : first animation in 30 + 30 minutes.

I made Gus the gingerbread man and everything is perfect. I put some eyes, mouths, nose, and some other comestics on his body. I then included the armatures with bones as per the guide says.

I added a bone for the head. My question is the following:

My head is turning weel with the bone but the eyes-nose-mouth stay in place, i.e. they do not follow the head. What should I do ?

Eyes-nose-mouth are each individual mesh-object. Do I have to “glue” (join, contraints, ??) them to the head before attaching an armature ?

you need to parent the other items to the bone as well then they will follow the bone , select an object you want to parent then the bone ,now use ctrl-p to parent

Hazza is 100% correct, parenting Gus’ eyes and mouth to the head bone will solve your problems.

However, you will also have to create a bone for the body, and parent Gus’ buttons to the body bone. If you don’t, and instead parent the buttons to the head bone, then buttons will start moving away from the body every time you move the head bone.

It’s wierd that they didn’t include that in the tutorial.

Thanks it solved my problem !