When I modell figures sometimes it be a different colour it looks like glue, what should I do to make it normal? It be the same result when I change material.

That sounds very odd… can you show us an example???

I don´t know how to insert a image.

save the image then goto and upload it there and post the thumbnail link onto the forum


You have double vert’s.

Hit A for select all, then w-5 (w key and 5) to select “Remove Doubles”

Or you can click the Rem Doubles button on the edit buttons.

You spun the object, but that means that on the original line, you now have 2 sets of identical verts that aren’t together. You have to remove doubles after using spin function to fix them.

If you are still having problems, remember “Ctrl-N” to change normals to outside, many times if you are working from spinning or just creating verts, your normals could initually get messed up(won’t happen if you are box modeling from a cube or are loop cutting your way), But it is something to try if you have any further problems.

It worked.

It works very good on some of the models, but on some of the models the black color just move to another part of the model, here is an example:. Please tell me what I can do about it.

It looks like you have fliped normals. Hit A to select your vertices. Then hit ctrl n . IF that doesnt do the trick, hit ctrl shift n. I hope this helps.

That didn’t worked. All the black color moved to the other side of the model.

flip the normals of the black parts

in editing menu turn on “draw normals” and maybe increase the length of the normals to see which faces are facing the wrong way.

I don’t know how you increase the length of normals.

That’s because you have some internal faces I think ( non-manifold mesh ) , that makes blender unable to tell how to set the normals, because Blender can’t find where’s the “outside” of the mesh.
The best way to fix that is to look closely at your mesh and find where are the “wrong” faces.

In edit mode, in the button Edit context [F9], in the pane called MESH TOOLS 1, is a box called NSize. It is right above the Draw Normals button. Use the little arrows to make the NSize number larger in order to increase the length of the normals.

Came up with a solution self for black colored parts remove faces and create new faces where the were.