gmail for 3d

if some 1 makes me 10 custom 3d game models i will give them up to 3 gmail invites

you really need to be a lot more specific
there are at least 9 unique cars there, I could also go and make you a cube

i’ll give some invites for free LOL.

Alltaken :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry busting your thunder)

realy? can i get one? its namely an interesting idea to have 1 gb of mailspace instead of 15 or 2 mb.

Yahoo updated their free email to 100MB a couple months ago.

(threat of Google)

Ha freak, you don’t say very much :smiley: checked all your posts and this one was the longest

i am going to make a magnificent7 game(the movie with yule brener and steve mcqueen).
if some one could help with the 3d models if someone wants to help.
Looks like you are trying to make a quick game. Tell us first some more. That will help.

Bye now, BackiZ

i give them out on blenderchat but i needed some modeles
i’ll just give up
its fine alltaken

gmail is the best thing ever. i shouldnt say that though…i don’t have an account.

WHat type of game models are you looking for?

lol I have 6free invitation to give…

2 or 3 are already “given”…just need to confirm with the people…I’ll take 3 lucky blenderhead in blenderchat one day…:stuck_out_tongue:

I have a gmail account. How do you get these invitations to give out and how fast do you get them?

but i dont have irc. so does someone want to send me an mail with the inventation? i could need more than 15 mb mailspace for my lessions computer science.

Valarking…Google would give certain accounts invites, but they stopped doing that i think a while ago…

/me wants one for my birthday (today)

happy birthday.

It would be great if they gave a gig of webspace

I don’t see much point in a 1GB of mail space. I have 100MB with yahoo and I’m currently using 3% and I have about 200 messages not including sent ones. Like Jedi Dawn said, if that was web space that would be cool but I still doubt I’d need 1GB. I don’t think you can hotlink email attachments can you?

1GB would be great if you wrote the 3rd highest voted review in Yahoo for Lord of the Rings the Return of the King like i did. I got 200+ spam messages a day.

Yahoo Movie Page

Actual Review

my email at the time was [email protected]

i just got my account from valarking (thanks mate!) and it seems pretty cool. The only gripe I have with it at this point in time is that I cant use outlook or outlook express to read my mail.

I suppose it is a small price to pay for the enormous amount of space but you guys are right, 1gig of mailspace is overkill.

not that im complaining! :wink:

That’s not fair.

Valarking, I will give you a free penny for an invite.

I think Google’s thinking is that most people will never hit the whole 1gig mark, and I think they’re probably right. Therefore, they can say that 1 gig is available, and probably only 0.5% of their users will ever use that much. That’s how they can do this without hard drive stacks the size of schools.

[ephasis mine]

google has lots of hard drive space to begin with, you don’t store 4 billion of anything without using a lot of space

but, you forgot to mention that they probably compress stuff, text compresses very well