anyone who wants a gmail account, just reply to the thread with your email

Completely wrong section.

Sure I want one :slight_smile: . (I don’t know too much about this Gmail thing).
Can I PM you my email?

Completely wrong section.

Don’t they have a rule on this forum about back-seat moderating?

It reminds me something!

Gmail don’t acept .exes! That su%3!
Even if i use zip files.

Btw thankx for your invite!

Yea, you can PM me. No, I don’t think this is in the wrong section. A few gameblender heads have asked for invites before. Gmail provides a ton of storage, but the only way to get it is from invites. Im offering them, which will be helping out the gameblender community. But if you wish, you can explain why you think this should be moved.

I also have invites to spare.
If you whant one email me at:
[email protected]

I send exe’s by renaming them to .3x3 :smiley:

hah thats a good idea!
Dude, I have been struggling with that forever!
nice :smiley: