Gman ported from Half life 2 (W.I.P)

Closed because of possible illegality i think i don’t think i’d not take any risks

Well, I would try to get rid of his hair and replace it with particles first off. You could also try using the new SSS node for his skin, and maybe replace the current textures with higher resolution ones (this probably isn’t necessary.)

Thanks for the tips i’m mixing alredy with his hair but but haven’t used nodes yet… I don’t even know what it is and the face texture is alredy 2048*2048 it’s just the renders…

could we see the wire? It looks like all your detailing is in the color map. Also, consider using other than texture pupils. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Masternave, it’s a game rip. :stuck_out_tongue:

your not going to get even moderatly close to photo real with such a low poly mesh… texture can do alot, but not that much. You won’t get the proper highlights and shadows… and I don’t think that indigo is going to be able to do anything with this model that Blender/ Yafray can’t do… if the purpose is to create a photoreal Gman, then you’d be better off remodeling/texturing the guy. If the purpose is to learn more about indigo renderer, I would use a few primitives with a variety of textures… btw, if photoreal is your goal, be prepared for generally harsh critics since it is extremely difficult to achieve.
Side note: if the model/textures are ripped from a game, then its a bit like a rigged cube imo.

wow! how did you riped it? not sure how the hl2 engine works, but i guess they assign a lot of stuff onto the model, so how many of those original things are preserved during conversion?

Well i had to first decompile the model then i imported it to milkshape and then i exported it as an obj. file (didn’t think of any other way) and then imported it to blender. I had to rebuild the rig and i decompiled the textures too and assigned them, the texture information was still there so i didn’t have to replace them. But i had lots of problems with the eyes but they’re somewhat under control now. But i was a little overexcited when i said i wanted to make photorealistic thanks for all replies i’ll try to get a wire picture.

Lucky for you, SSS is no longer a node. The team recently moved it to the materials panel. No node experience is required anymore :slight_smile:

You may be treading on illegal territory here. Be careful about what you use the model for, otherwise you could be in trouble. Of course, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t sell the model or use it in any commercial way.

I was asking for a rig, cuz I have no idea how many polys are involved in the gman. Incidently, from half life 2, there should be two gman models. One for close ups, and one for weirdly appearing in random places and then dissappearing. :slight_smile: Which one do you have?

Looking at the texture quality of the face I assume it is the close-up one…

yeah you are playing with stuff you don’t own. I wouldn’t put it in any environment thats not included in the game. note: ebay will no longer auction of any virtual goods like gold, items, and other mmorgp things. Because those things are property of the manufacture not the people selling them.

Allright then i’ll remove this project then…

Valve is pretty open to people using their stuff tho. You can’t take credit for the model itself, but you should be able to alter it any way you’d like. Just make it known where you got the model. People are constantly changing / modding / screwing with the HL2 files, and valve not only condones it, they like it. It’s one of the reasons there’s such a huge community around those games.

People have used the HL2 models for a variety of things all over the web. One guy used them to demonstrate HDRI rendering by compositing them into real photos and another guy composited the G-man himself into a bunch of photos with people, like a “Where’s Waldo” thing except it was the G-man.

Companies don’t like you selling accounts, gold, etc on E-bay cause you’re profiting from their work, which is a pretty different scenario. Just being a fan and screwing around with the files, then posting screen shots and renders isn’t a problem so long as you don’t claim it as your own work.

>EDIT< Also, don’t give out the .blend files. Posting renders and images would be cool, I think they would mind if you actually posted the model itself.

Thanks for the comment i don’t think i’ll reupload the Gman he’s still so buggy and annoying i’m focusing on other stuff now and i’m improving him when i got time i made his particle hair today BTW. I may reupload som pics of the improvements soon if i got time.