gmax > blender

is there a script to import gmax files into blender? :smiley:

GMax files are not explored in a way that only Discreet knows how they work. So only the GMax application can load and save those.

It would be cool though. :wink:

You perhaps can import an md3.

There’s a legal import/export plugin for use with gmax and md3 that works well : (is called gmax beta md3 or something, once there)

Don’t use the old Id plugin for gmax(usually found at discreet site), ‘Tempest’. that has too many problems…and issues for a comercial use.

But any md3 is limited to 8,192 triangles. The import from bob holocomb I think works for only static meshes. And you have md3 import full in gmax, so , as just now has been released and md3 plugin, you could also animate in blender and export that to gmax.(and even max, same gmax guy has a max md3 import/export plugin, too)

You could also go that way via MD5, if you want to transfer the skeleton and skin-weights, too, and without any polycount or vertexcount limit. The MD5->Blender importer script currently does not import animations though:

There are two MD5 exporters for gmax, one by Berserker:
and one by “”, based on my 3dsmax->md5 exporter: