GMAX to Blender (2)

the first gmax to blender thread here:

the link that determined the thread to be closed here:

my reason for restarting the thread:
gmax to .obj exporter link is broke (thread from 2005)

i looked all over the net and gave up after an hour
assistance plznthanx:)

no time to read, but i think was me the one providing it…(not the author, was soem person from france, I think… (not a blender user, anyway))

I’l dig into some of my DVD backups later, I hope to remember :wink:

Last time I needed to export a model from gmax, I used quake 3 model file. It worked nicely, but you cannot export dense meshes with it, you have to cut them in pieces, I think.

(sorry the delay…)
yep, that was alwlays a way…using Chris cokson script, better than id one, as was more free of rights, and also ifxed some issue. then re welding all parts.

Yet tho,for large meshes of scenery, a pain.

I made once an experiment, used this gmax to obj script exporting a mesh of dunno in 65,000 tris …it run nicely though I could have gone and make a coffee(if could have released the mouse buttons, lol) while it actuallys exported…I guess is for maxscript is slower, pretty more than a c++ made plugin…Still, pretty useful, you maye need several fixings like smoothing normals, maybe materials, but still, way better than other methods… :

(btw, there’s another one here which I dunno if is the same…I pasted above as is the one I tested in my experiment

BTW, bout the listener issue… I made an experiment with that…er…experiment… Just I started click dragging with LMB (left Mouse Button) to select first lines…As i have a 3 mouse button mouse, usual clickable wheel I mean, with standard scrolling function(double direction arrow cursor appears), no weird software/driver to control that…I clicked lmb dragging to select…but while at it clicked and kept pressed middle mouse button, mmb…scrolling icon appears, and while one keeps the cursor down it keeps selecting, but if go a bit past the window down limit, goes at uber speed, increasing if move some times up and down slightly, reaching light speed…even if doesnt appear blue, once I stopped scrolling, it all went blue, as is actually taking it…I just could have felt some whrist big pain as it took like 1 or two mins…If I remember well. But I’d have a whole big scenary…At the end of all, I just tapped with no dropping of the other 2 buttons, the RMB… of course, pop up menu appears, just carrying the cursor to “copy” will do. If not, with rmb again…I noticed important is not to drop the other 2 buttons…lol, now that I noticed, i could have just hit ctrl+c…probably…before dropping buttons…

there are even tools, at least two authors, that overcome the limit of the window listener, but imo this which i saw, is just a use of the tool, not an external tool to aovid a limit…sounds more politically correct, and not against eula then…even in the other case…either, as is not touching the software…I made as an experiment as was curious, anyway I was after , as today, using only wings and blender.