GNewbie Problem: deform along path

Hello all,

Very new to Blender and loving it (though frustrated at the moment). Trying to use path deformations to get an object to slide along a spiral path, stretch (elongate) a bit as it moves along the spiral, and then unstretch (return to normal scale) as it reaches the end of the spiral.

Have been able to get the object (at its pivot / leading face) to move along the spiral like a train using Constrain to Path, and setting the FollowCurve option, but setting the CurveStretch option in the path itself does not force the object to deform/stretch. Also, trying to use parenting and CurveDeform has only given me headaches and doesn’t seem to do what I want.

So the object’s leading face moves along the path, but I can’t get the rest of its body to conform (like a snake, if you will) to the path. I’ve had to resort to using a lattice, sending the lattice along the same path at the same time, and deforming the object by deforming the lattice so that it ‘sinews’ along the pah. It just seems like there might be a simpler way to do this, and I’m probably just not ‘getting’ something.

Any help ASAP very appreciated.

Thanks much in advance.

See if that helps.


Thanks for the reply.

That is the exact problem I’m referring to (‘snaking an object along a path’). I hope I can make sense of the thread’s advice, as the initial poster of the question seemed to have a hard time with the examples.

Although, my problem is one step more advanced as I want to deform the object as it ‘snakes’.

Will give it a look through and take a shot…