I had never made food in the blender before, so I had difficulty with the shaders. Please comment and sorry for any possible error in English.

Update, With all the recommendations of comments.

Hello Rafael, liked the work and would like to know more about the texture of the sauce and of his stuff

The sauce looks very good, but the gnocchi look extremely dry. Dry giving them sharp glossiness with a gloss map.

Very nice! Food is really hard. The sauce looks a bit hard, I made this shader a bit ago, I hope it helps.

If you modeled the scene in real life size, you need to change the scale of the subsurface scattering to 0.1 and the value on the multiply node to 0.01. I hope those settings work. :slight_smile:

Great job overall! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment. I’ll put the stuff down, but I’m testing other after that post. In this case only used the Noise texture on the displacement.

@ShadowCamero thanks for the suggestion, i used various details of your material.