Gnome - Short Film

Hi all,

recently we finished our short film Gnome to compete in the annual competition Digicon6, held in different countries in Asia. We’ll still do some minor fixes/changes for our own release on youtube, vimeo and festivals, but we’d like to share this version already.

Gnome is animated in Maya. Transferred to Blender using MDD (deformed mesh) and FBX (non-deformed mesh). Blender was used for shading, grooming, texturing, lighting & rendering (cycles), VFX & compositing. Tree was sculpted & modeled in Blender.

Find the short film Gnome here:

Crank up the volume and make sure to watch in HD. If you enjoy it, please hit that heart button for your support.

To see other entries for the Digicon6 Singapore competition:

Let me know what you think. Not too much spoilers please :wink:



some stills from Gnome

last ones:

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Visually stunning! Great atmosphere, lighting, colors and environment! Story itself didn’t convey that much emotion to me, but was ok and end was unexpected!

Great job, nice to see blender used in such high quality productions!

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A job well done characteristically
I liked
can you Give me the nodes of :
The tree

Really good job! Congratulations! Visually is stunning, story is ok… simple but gave me a smile in the end.

Also the direction is quite good, I think just a couple of focus change were a bit quick for me, but I am not expert in this field.

Great job, congratulations! :slight_smile:

Can I ask why you animated in maya? Is it a matter of knowledge of your riggers and animators, or is it just that you prefer it over blender?

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Hey Sago, long time no see!

Love it. That sound design is EPIC! Was there any special reason for animating in Maya? The movement does feel unique but I can’t put my finger on it.

this is so cool… love the animation,shading and lighting… nice twist at the end :slight_smile:


Awesome short, congratulations! It has a great feeling to it and the story is really amusing :slight_smile:
Would love to gain some insight in the production, I’m interested in how you tackled some of the inevitable hurdles.

Magnificent, 5 stars.

Beautiful! The shading and lighting are amazing!

Thanks guys!

@Bernando & 3pointEdit,

reasons we use Maya for animation is simply time and money. Series is our business, while short film is just additional. Since animators make out the bulk of the team (both here in Singapore and our animation team in India), it’d be very time consuming to train for rigging and animation in blender. While at the same series need to continue. It would be way more efficient to move completely to blender, but we need to set some time aside for it.


Wonderful ! Absolutely Amazing !

Ok so it is a matter of knowledge of riggers and animators… well that’s good to know that blender would serve your purpose! Well done again for the short movie! :slight_smile:

Absolutely gorgeous! Visually brilliant and the sound is just perfect.

I love it. Beautiful shaders!

thanks all!

Updated the first post with our poster.

If you’ve enjoyed Gnome and you haven’t heart it yet, we appreciate your support:

For the other entries, please them find here:


Ok I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. That is one fantastic animation/idea. Great great work!

hahahahahhahahahahah what an awesome little story, loved the punch line. Very beautiful - the lense effects and subtle details in the textures and hair. Great work. I really enjoyed it. The animation was hilarious too. Well done. Very well done.

Very, very good! I love all the tiny details. I especially love the animation style. Very quick and direct. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing.