GNOME - update: now as a Christmas Ornament... pg2

–Update in my last post
–Update in my last post

eyebrows and hat are placeholders. beard to get much more detail… i plan on taking this all the way, uv mapping and everything i know into one work finally. c&c on anything yet?

thanks for looking!

I would make the iris’s smaller, just so that the top and bottoms are just being covered by the eye lids. Nothing else atm. :slight_smile:


next is the ears and rest of head

ears and a skin test

comments please…

I like it. Very nice. :slight_smile:

The ears strike me as a tiny tad too protruding, though. But that might be the angle of the shot.

Good work.

I noticed that when modeling in orthographic view, the mesh looks great, then when you render it in persprective mode, things look a lot different, especially the ears.

Now, I like the gnome. Is it the Travelocity gnome?

I did not know of the travelocity gnome, but i like the beard style so I may “borrow” it…

more modeling to come. i am getting bored with the head so i am starting the body now. i will go back to the beard and ears before i’m done.

Travelocity gnome…

Ok, if your using the travelosity gnome as your ref then look at how is beard is, it’s not as high up on the face as you have it, and explains why I dont’ like your cheaks at all, looks like two cancerous bluges growing on his face. The travelosity gnomes beard dips down to the chin line and then up for the side burns. I’m guessing you have not grown facial hair yet to know exactly how it all looks?


you assume lots and comprehend less. Read my post, I only said i like the beard style on the travelocity gnome. I’ve been shaving for many years now, thank you. I agree, the cheeks need some more tweaking.

I am loosely using this as a ref:

Oh, I comprehend just fine :wink:

hehe. They stole my socks!!!

thanks for all the comments… keep them coming :-?

On the hands, there looks to be no knuckles or joints in the fingers. Also the palms have no muscles for the thumb or the padding below the pinky, nor nails. The are a good start though. Don’t really like the cloud texture on the coat/sweatshirt he’s got on, would be nice to see a more faberic texture, though i’m sure it’s just a placeholder atm.

yes, all textures (but the eye possibly) are placeholders. I plan on making a complete UV map for everything and hand painting the textures.

agreed on the hands… they are just at the beginning, i cut some loops for the features you mentioned just need to define them more.

i plan on doing belt, pants, and boots tonight. then i will go back to the beard and hand modeling, then hopefully be ready to move on to texturing from there.

thanks for the positive crits… keep them coming!

I think I have everything close to the final proportions. Time to start carving in some details and then onto UV… wish me luck!

Oooooooo, very impressive looking !

As for crits,
I’d say the fingers are a bit thin and it looks like he has absolutely no neck under that beard, sort of lifting his shoulders.

Splendid work though, can’t wait to see it UV’d

some more tweaking…

Bravo man! Impressive!

had some time to tweak everything a little. started over with a brand new light setup. comments?