GnomePool wallpaper

just a simple gnome wallpaper for gnome people. Enjoy!

(1024x768, 147kb)

I like it. I’ve set it as my wallpaper :slight_smile:

Did you turn on anti-aliasing when you rendered it? Doesn’t look like it.

That looks really nice. Maybe you could add some fake caustics on the bottom of the pool? To make the water look better, a little like on the back of this creature: ?

I’m a KDE person, but thats still a nice wallpaper. :smiley: I am however, thinking of switching over to Ubuntu (from Kubuntu) to get a taste of the GNOME environment (As soon as I get those free Ubuntu “shipit” CDs)…

:slight_smile: I like it.
maybe add little something on the smaller pools too (toes)… jacuzzi … or something :slight_smile:


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I enabled OSA but I think was Gimp postpro who added that noise.

I tried to add some kind of fake caustic but then water seems too detailed so I left the plain-style: looks more like cartoonish :smiley:

Kubuntu is debian-based isnt it? if so, you can always do an “apt-get gnome” and come to the other side :wink:

nice idea :slight_smile:

The gnome-logo templates meshes (and bezier curves) I used for this are here