Gnomes Paradise

I recently discovered a new programm “PhotoScan”. This allows you to scan real objects, based on some fotos, into 3D. So I was able to capture stones, sticks and tree trunks in my forest, and putting them together in Blender Cycles.

Because of the massive polygon amount about 8.000.000 faces (although I strictly used the decimate modifire) ,I had “some” problems with my hardware, but finaly I got it to render.
Whereas the environment is almost completely scaned, the gnome and some minor details like plants or nails, are modelled and textured in Blender.

This is the 3D-scene:

Here is one example for a scan with PhotoScan. On the Bottom you can see som epictures I took of the tree, in the main window is the 3D mesh (already 570.000 polygons):

Nice job ! I like it. there is only one lil thing that bug me a little bit: the scale of your elements. The backgrounf trees looks too small compared to the size of the moss and the foreground elements. But great job overall :slight_smile:

Thank you! I will think on it :slight_smile:

Lovely work, Niklas. You’ve created a very appealing image.

The contrast between the realism of the environment and the CG character is a little bit disturbing, though. His materials could use some additional work.

But other than that I love the atmosphere and the mood.