gnu head / logo [update 29.05.2005]

just another short project in progress. modelling took ca. one hour so far. i’ll try unwrapping and uv-texturing with this one.

i slightly changed the eye materials and consider texturing now as finished.
hair will be added.

hair added:

final image: post processed with the gimp: i softened the border between skin and hair and removed the symetry in texturing. i think this one is finished now.

final c&c appreciated. will move this to finished projects soon.


Nice modeling, Im a Gnu fan too :smiley: And i hope the UV mapping will be great

threedy - rishiparkhe

hm, any more comments? :frowning:

it looks good. i like the texturing

nice model! I think texture on horns need to be asimmetric… different from horn and horn…

thanks, funebre. i’ll change that.

Great job !

Only two crits: His eyes seems to be popping out of his head, and the iris part seems to be almost overlapping his eyelids.
And use a light with shadows on… because right now, his nostrils seems to be lighten from the inside, as they’re not darkened with shadows.

Appart from that, that’s an excellent modeling :slight_smile:

one question: blender crashes very often during rendering if i try to render this image with ambient-occlusion turned on. this error appears on blender 2.26 windows and linux built. is there a known bug or any idea what i am could do wrong?

If you’re using 2.26, you may want to update it slightly. We’ve just had 2.37 released, or it’s being released very soon.

I think he meant 2.36, plexersheep :slight_smile: There wasn’t ambiant occlusion on the 2.26 version.

nomis, you may want to ask about your problem on the blender general forum. Hopefully people there may know the answer…
(those unexpected crashes always sounds like hardware drivers problem to me, but… I know really nothing about that so… :expressionless: )

Aaah… that might make more sense. Feels like we’ve had AO forever. I didn’t think.

The new gnu rocks though. With the hair and everything…

hi Rore / plexersheep. yes, i did did mean 2.36. we’ll see if i’ll be abe to solve the ao-problem.

Rore:i will try to fix the two named issues. i personally like the comic feeling of the pooping out eyes, but maybe you are right :).