GO-board game *UPDATED*

I love this game as i love Blender and 3D. So i ve decided to make a nice scene (try to make). Im opened for suggestions. And i have a question. What is the best way to fill the pot with this small rocks? I ve tried with GE but it clogs my processor. Is there any other way?


Here is a small update. Any suggestions maybe?


Board looks really nice but ambient on the other picture looks too plastic for the board but I’m sure you’ll change that
No suggestions, though

hmm. the pillows are to smooth. They look like plastic. And perhaps model to people playing the game?:slight_smile:

Cool I’ve done a GO board in a “Game” SMC (Speed Modelling Contest) though I’m still a huge newbie now.


I still have a long way to go with learning GO though. and I like your wood grains on the model.

Thanks for reply guys. I hope i repaired the things that bothered.

Here is a second update c&C welcome


Where is the bowl with the black stones? Also, the bowl seems to be a bit full - too many stones. It seems odd that a player would put the stone container on the board in the middle of a game. Composition is way too symetrical. Too many image elements pull the eye away from the board (flames, vases, pattern on floor mat.) If you go by the ‘rule of thirds’ the focal point of the image is a wooden post.

You have good contrast between the white stones and the dark lid of the bowl. And between the white and black stones placed on the board. Swing the camera point of view around to a close up and center the bowl on one of the third points, see if there isn’t an improvement. Or put the bowl on the floor (fix the scale of the tatami mat) and make one of the joseki a focal point.

You had a really nice beginning, with the close up image of the board and the supporting table. It did need context, a floor and cushions and so on, but pulling the camera back to make it a room that happens to have a go game in progress… Doesn’t help, IMO.

Yoery Good idea i ll contribute this to the players :slight_smile:

Orinoco I ll stick to ur advice and i ll try to make it perfect this time. And if i succed i ll give this file to other Blendheads if they ll find it useable.

There is something purpleish under the desk, looks lika a UV lamp under it! And glass on the windows is just too plastic if you want to make the picture more realistic! Maybe a little bit more Nor on the carpet texture. Otherwise going preety good for now! Keep sending, i’d like to see more

Ok ive changed the floor texture and made a bowl with black stones. Now i just got to figure out a nice composition. I rendered without OSA and AO becouse i have a slow computer. But i ll make him swet over the night :slight_smile:


Ok guys here is the latest one. Tell me what do u think. I ve done more renders with this one than any other model i have.

Render time on thisone was 5:20 h on my slow computer. If u like it i ll post it to finished projects to see how it goes.

Thanks and take care.


As a suggestion, I’ll change a little the lights:

  • Black stones on the board change a lot from very dark to very light, is the light so near? Perhaps light should be farther.
  • I see very few shadows. White stones’ bowl has a shadow (perhaps too hard), but black ones’ hasn’t any shadow, and the same with the board. So They seem very little integrated in the environment.