Go for the *CONTEST*

(S68) #1

Mecha Spider (? Is it a spider ?) Vers. 0.4


Now it has eyes, lots of them, simple and composite, a head… will need mandibles and a rock to lay on :slight_smile:


(dotblend) #2

it’s very bryce…

(BgDM) #3

:o WOW!

I love the eyes that you have added. Very freaky! Icospheres with dupliverts?

Anyway, I still have a problem with the lack of strength where the legs connect to the body. Just seems like they are too thin and would break off. Just my opinion.


(theeth) #4

maybe they are made of a carbon/aluminium alloy (light and strong)… who knows… :wink:

nice job. I’ll second the “freaky look” comment :smiley:


(harkyman) #5

I think the thin upper connectors are fine. You’ve got eight points to support the weight and give leverage. No single one has to be super-strong. Plus, visually, I think the work well too.

I love the interior mechanics that you can just barely see where the legs connect inside the body.

You also get another freaky vote from me for the eyes. Wild, and nothing that I would have come up with (i.e., I like it).

(stephen2002) #6

why is it floating?

Very intresting creature.

(GemaRastem) #7

That is definately cool and I love the chrome, I agree with the freaky votes.

(S68) #8

Thanx for comments!

I’m refining legs details, then switch to head details. It’s floating because the rest of the environment is still to do (Also legs need to be posed in a more dramatic … well… pose )

Stefano (Who is on a 9.6kbaud modem and is very sad :frowning:

(Detritus) #9

:o Cool! Very cool indeed! But spider? Noooo!