Go Red Sox

Hey someone had to post about this! The Red Sox came back from a 3 game deficit to win the ALCS in four straight (and shocking) victories that have left the people of New York, and fans all over the world, agape. The Sox just rolled right over them. Onto the World Series! Reverse the curse!

I think even some Yankees fans would like to see it happen!
Go Sox!

About ‘The curse of the Bambino’:

Go, David Ortiz!

I like to think of that as giving them 7 more oportunity to lose. :wink:

/me runs before people start throw small household items at him.


what are the red socks? are they making red socks for a living?

/me running also before people begin to trow houses.

(sorry, bad joke. had to do it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Someone should tell them they spelled “socks” wrong… :wink:

/me is surprised WeirdHat didn’t already. :stuck_out_tongue:


/me throws socks at theeth




Sorry, I’m a Braves fan myself. I’m still hurting from their abyssmal performance this year in the postseason…

Boooh indeed.
Makes me wonder which overpriced and overevaluated player they’re going to pay for this summer in order to get the championship next year. :stuck_out_tongue:

A NY pro team paying for overpriced players? Déjà vu? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes!! GO SOX! I thought they we gonners when the lost their first 3. Amazing games. I hope the Astros win the NLCS. And the Sox beat them in the world series. :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry. me humble dutchman. dont know what the red socks are.

it goes like this to everyone who don’t know. Since babe ruth left the sox to join NY yankees 86 years ago there, is a curse that nicked the “bambino curse” that the boston red sox will never win the championship. I know there is somthing to do with a piano in the butom of a lake… but I don’t remember this part. Anyway, redsox finally won, so here is a well deserve: Congrats! red sox, bostinians and all fans!


sorry. me humble dutchman. dont know what the red socks are.[/quote]

The Boston Red Sox are an American Baseball team.
(I guess ‘Sox’ looks better ‘Socks’ on a jersy,
or maybe they were just trying to save money on unifroms back in 1901 :))

There’s also the Chicago White Sox

ahh. i got it.

Or maybe they wanted to point out that the color Red Sucks, but they spelled it wrong (Sox, instead of Sux, and the X instead of cks was rwv01 has said already, a way to save money :P)