Go See BORAT Movie!!!!! SHE IS NICE!!!!

I think I almost had an aneurysm.

yes it is a very good movie.

i saw it over 2 months before it came out here in my country, at a free movie preview (i think it was the best advertising they could have asked for, we all talked it up to our mates for 2 months)

its piss your pants laughter, it really needs an open attitude though. don’t go with anyone you don’t feel you can laugh around (racist, sexist… you name it)


I liked that by being openly racist himself, Borat revealed the underlying prejudice of many Americans. Funny how so many people were so eager to give Borat a lesson in western culture.

Also interesting was the fact the Sacha Baron Cohen remained in character throughout the entire making of the movie.

Very nice!

I’ve heard about how it’s about this bigoted Kazakhi journalist and all, but how exactly do they flesh it out into a plot?

:)) it sounds like the plot may be wasted on you!!! :))

I didn’t like it much. If you haven’t seen his TV shows then it might seem funny but it’s just more of the same IMO. I must have heard ‘my wife is number 4 prostitute in all of khazikstan’ like 5 times already. Once the writers get past the point of innovation, they just push offensive dialog through an established character in order to generate a cheap laugh. The Simpsons went this way long ago and what made that worse is it’s not even offensive.

Agreed with osxrules. If you saw this on tv the first time then the movie just is tired.

Cricket, Henley and lawn bowling is what Borat will always be about for me.

I love that movie.

but some people didn’t like it because it is racist and all that. but it is not serious. If you can’t make jokes about anything now, life is boring. you don’t mean it he dosn’t mean it… where is the problem

some people say it is cheap joke and all that… well it is funny so what else do you want. I want too laugh I don’t give a crap if it is cheap, or not. at least I laughed…

it was the movie where I laughed the most I think

“Racist”. If I say “America sucks at chess; they’ve already lost both of their towers” (in reference to 9/11, not that anyone needs reminding) does that make me anti-American, a terrorist, sadistic?
There IS a difference between being racist and between joking, and the lack of understanding (or the unwillingness to understanding) that has already lead to enough conflict.
We need laughter. We need it to remain healthy, both mentally and physically. We also use laughter to create a sense of self and to separate ourselves from and to feel superior to others
Melvin Helitzer has written a great book on comedy. One chapter explains why people laugh and that single chapters explains a lot…

So far, so my rant I guess.

Let’s go see that movie :smiley:

i thought the tv show was tired, the movie gave it new life.

i think its not so much about what he ask and does rather that how people there react…
oh and ive only see one episode of borat that was in england… (don’t like some of the jokes, tho i don’t say theyre bad… its a thing of taste)

When I say cheap, I mean it’s only funny if you are willing to be entertained. There’s very little comedic talent involved in the film. It’s just a guy putting on a foreign accent doing offensive things. Now, I can find stuff that is offensive to be funny - I think Family Guy is one of the best shows ever made - but I don’t like to see shows limited to getting a laugh solely from the reactions of people who are offended by it. It’s like modern art - someone is offended by it, therefore it’s art. If someone is offended by a guy in a funny accent it’s comedy? I don’t think so.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some funny bits in it but nowhere near as much to warrant the kind of publicity it’s getting.

who’s laughing because it’s offensive? I laughed because it’s funny as hell. not because it makes people mad.

well, OSXrulez for someone with “no comedic talent” he’s pretty fucking funny. have you even seen the ali g show? he’s not just going around saying offensive things, he gets people to admit to deep-rooted prejudices and exposes their ignorance. who do you think is funnier? kelsey grammar?

I thought it was kinda disappointing. I was expecting this to be at least as funny as jackass, plus 90% of the really funny parts were shown in the ads.

I personaly thought this was 1000 times funnier than jackass. this is a totaly different type of humor.

hummmmm… if you found that 90% of the funny stuff was in the advert you must have seen too many adverts for borat

Yeah, I do find that funny at times but we should know by now that there are people with such deep-rooted prejudices and that they are provoked easily when people are delibrately offensive about them. Should I walk up to a feminist and shout ‘get your tits out for the lads’ just to see what she does about it? 'cos you’d all find it quite funny right? It’s the same turning up to a nice dinner with an uninvited prostitute or pretending to sh*t in a bag and show it to people after they’ve had a meal.

Is that a British thing? :stuck_out_tongue: No, I don’t find Kelsey Grammer remotely funny. I already said that I would find Family Guy funnier so I guess that implies Seth Macfarlane. I actually think Sago has that kind of humor. Anyway, I didn’t say Sacha Cohen isn’t funny, just that he’s not as funny as people are making out IN MY OPINION.

I’d say the two most subjective kinds of movies are probably comedy and horror. People can be polarized to a totally amazing degree. One person can be totally scared to death by a movie while someone else thinks it is laughable. In the same way, different kinds of humor just connect with different people. It’s always interesting to see the reactions…

funnier than jackass??? naaah.

actually there were a lot of different ads on tv when it first came out, not to mention the fact that youtube is swimming with borat clips.