ok now that I got that out of my system lets see here o yah go to bloody hell microsoft you and you stupid piece of S**t service pack 2 some good that did as soon as I install it I reboot my system and what do you know!!! my system is running at about 1/1000 of its speed yes just to get to the point where I can type this message took a good 30 minutes NOT NORMAL!!!
EVERYTHING IS SLOW; take about 30mins to fully load up my comp and jesus I tried to open notepad and 9 tenths of the time the comp just thought it was not responding because it was going so freaking slow the one time I did get it open took about 10 minutes. Looks like its time to finally get Linux but I dont know anything about compiling… So once again I HATE YOU MICROSOFT

If it takes me till the day I die and beyond I will find every person even closley related to service pack 2 and slowly but surely show them the pain they have brought upon me perhaps with Chinese torture perhaps with boiling oil maybe even staples or a nail gun just remember ‘I’ll see you all in hell.’

And for those people who think it might be a virus yup thats proably right but since my computer wont finish a virus scan (it freezes everytime) I can’t tell or delete anything.

If you look around you’re not the only one complaining about service pack2, though they’ve gotton some different problems, it could be just how your computer handled having it on.

thanks for sharing…

I have not yet installed SP2 because I dont reallyneed it.

umm… why don’t you uninstall it?

Can u uninstall service packs?
Dont use linux, nothing will work on it!


He said he can’t delete anything, in which uninstalling is quite similar.

yeah, you can


it is in the add remove programs thingy in the control panel [as are several other windows updates]

however, it seems it requires [more] hard disk space, so I’m kind of hosed until I find some magical unused directory in the windows folder that is 400Mb which I can move somewhere else…

you can also uninstall service pack 1 if you checked [is on by default] to back up overwritten files. service pack 2 doesn’t prompt for that, it always does it.

my machine booted slowly the first time sp2 was on it, but I’d consider this normal. windows does a bunch of thihngs to accelerate the boot so the first time booting is ALWAYS slower, the second and third times it booted the same speed as before [which is slower than I’d like, but could be cut in half if I removed my antivirus prog]

Not true. Nothing that runs under windows will work on it, but there are atlternatives to any program that runs under windows. and if you can’t find an alternative, there’s always wine, which will let some windows progs run under linux. And your games can be run with winex.


well, happily I bought windows 2000 pro upgrade, with 58 euros. I dont want to have XP, its a matter of principle. Next os will be linux.

Heheh, don’t you know that’s where Microsoft came from? Bill Gates is the anti-christ :D.

I’m not a Windows user but loads of my friends who were, stuck with Windows 2000 and had very few problems. The university I went to don’t even touch XP. Of course they’ve switched a lot of their machines to Macs now but they let the 1st year students have Windows till they need to do more advanced stuff with a computer and need reliability. Then they get either Linux or Mac :).

Old but still appropriate

Check out more at http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~otto/bill-bashing/

Heheh, don’t you know that’s where Microsoft came from? Bill Gates is the anti-christ :D.[/quote]

I don’t think Bill gates is interested in a new world order and is decendant from the former roman empire.

Heheh, don’t you know that’s where Microsoft came from? Bill Gates is the anti-christ :D.[/quote]

I don’t think Bill gates is interested in a new world order and is decendant from the former roman empire.[/quote]

Hahaha, are you kidding? Of course he wants a new world order - he wants every product on earth to bear that outdated, bland image that represents Microsoft.

Anyway, asphoraphace I was only joking. I’m sure there’s more evidence for others to be the antichrist:


As my signature says

microsoft is to noble, graceful empire with lots of freedom


open source is to communism

its just not the truth.



I never know what you windows bashers are on about when you get into these discussions. I almost never have problems with windows. I once claimed that it was because I knew how to use it and was promptly flamed for thinking such a ‘rediculous’ thing.

Idk, maybe ive just been AMAZINGLY lucky to have never run into any major problems. I once really really REALLY wanted to learn to use linux but I ending up meeting my nemesis -pause for effect- The Dependency Error! gasp

And so it was thusly that I got sick of having to install everything from the command prompt. I may go so far at this point to say that I hate linux and that it sucks another well placed gasp HOWEVER, I would only say such a thing if I really believed that I knew how to use it. I’m sure there are rediculously large amounts of Linux Followers who would cut my throat for saying such a thing. You are the ones that KNOW that linux doesnt suck. You know that its a decent peice of software and is quite powerful once it is utilized correctly. To you I would say ‘touche!’

Ya see, its not the tool so much as how you use it. I find minimal amounts of problems with Windows because (I think, anyways) I know how to use it. Those of you who use linux and find minimal amounts of problems with it (in comparison to Windows) know how to use your tool as well.

I dont know how to use linux well enough to use it for much of anything and I find it at this point in my life to be a waste of my time.

I like Windows XP. I like that its stable. (I know some of you are laughing now. shut up :wink: I have a crash on my system about once every six months or so.)

at any rate, I like windows(xp).

You’re absolutely right that Linux is not the “cure to all the world’s problems,” and that Microsoft has in fact done very well, all things considered, to make the Windows OS easy to install.

This all being said, I run Linux and [Macintosh] OS/X (which is also Unix) exclusively here, but “that’s just me.” I do it because it runs best what I happen to need to run, and it mimics the server-environments I commonly use.

Really, the most serious “enemy” that Microsoft has is its own marketing department. I think they actually believe their stuff themselves. They breathe their own … %| … “air.” I think they believe, in their heart of hearts, that they are a monopoly and that they really can dictate to the customer. Very silly decisions, like the one to merge the web-browser into the OS just to try to win a point, are definitely coming back to haunt them now. Other equally silly decisions, like “hardware registration,” are not only (needlessly) costing sales but driving up costs. Competitors are circling them (as competitors normally do), and all they can come up with is a multi-million buck “aid campaign” that is mostly denial? Foolishness.

cuts dante’s throat

Many people have tried Linux and gotten a bad impression. As you probably know, there are myriads of Linux distros out there, all with varying userfreindlyness, ease-of-use, efficiency, speed, and so on. My personal favourite is Gentoo; you need to get your hands dirty, but tehre’s very thorough documentation for it, and a huge (and helpful) community. I personally have come to love the command line, and only use the GUI for things such as web browsing or Blender. It’s just a whole lot faster and more efficient once you get to know it. Gentoo takes care of the Dependency Problem with a quite nice setup where you type “emerge <program>” as root, and it will run off to download, patch, compile, optimize, prelink, and install the program and all it’s dependencies. If you add the ~ flag to your ACCEPT_KEYWORDS environment variable (in /etc/make.conf), you get updates of the more commonly used programs only a few days after they come out, and sometimes sooner. If a program (Blender is a good example here) isn’t getting updated, you can easily go nag teh devs in their bug report thing (label it as an Enhancement/new feature request, and put “Version bump: <program> to <version>” in the topic, it’s likely to be updated within a few days. Though this distro is only really a good idea if you have DSL or faster internet connection, and a 2+ GHz computer for compiling (or a bunch of computers, all running distccd, which lets you use a network to compile a single program (like a network supercomputer!)). I have both, so I love it :). If you can’t wiat to install big compiles such as X, Mozilla, Gnome, etc. you can download a packages CD which has most of the common programs precompiled for your architechture with optimizations, and install from it. You can even install a version of rpm patched to work with portage (the package management system), so you can install from rpms without needing to worry about screwing things up by not using your distro’s package format of choice (for gentoo, .ebuild).

Ok, done advertising Gentoo now :wink:

I have substantial experience in both Windows and Linux, and am convinced that Linux, when you put everything together (including a willingness to spend the time to learn how to use it) comes out on top. Yes, atm it takes a substantial amount of time to learn most distros, but it’s definitley worth it. Programs I run in Gentoo (compiled from source with optimizations, of course) run from 25% too 300% faster than their windows counterparts/equivalents/ports, and sometimes even faster. Blender and yafray are some of the programs accelerated the most by this. Now, another abrupt change in subject. Linux is compatible with almost everything now. In fact, it’s compatible with much more than Windows is, assuming you spend the time to set it up properly. There are too many examples to name; just look at all the options for compiling into a vanilla kernel, and then take a look at the number of forks and patches available! You can strip off everything you don’t need, add what you do, and get a much faster, more efficient system. I keep a windows partition fo rthe sole purpose of running Unreal Tournament 2004 until ATI releases 64 bit Linux drivers (grrrr I’m SO going to buy nVidia come next upgrade; ATi sucks at drivers). One last thing: While your skill with a tool can greatly affect its performance, the tool is the most important part. For example, lets see you run blender on Multix. Its just not going to be powerful enough, even if you could port it.

Ok after 24 hours without sleep I managed to burn everything I needed onto a CD yes it was hard because it froze every minute (which is why I couldn’t run system restore or delete from add/remove programs) then I reformated my comp its back up and running now but I’m never going to download another windows thing in my entire life and I dont care what it is… unless its Halo2 but thats not really microsoft.

I just dont understand why a company would release something that is supposto help people but it ended up screwing people right the hell out; I mean are they trying to lose customers?
Can someone point me in the direction on how to dual boot? Windows and linux and maybe a good linux distro for a complete newbie?

Oddly, I had that experience with Windows. When someone in my family’s computer wouldn’t mount a cd-rom drive and another when replacing a hard drive that needed formatting - I actually had to type in some obscure phrase at the CLI. Also, that whole method of mounting devices with typing D:\ whatever, when they don’t automount.

slash, slash. That’s a good point. If you can use Windows to your advantage then there’s no problem but it’s when people complain about something going very wrong in Windows that people with other systems will have little sympathy. Major upgrades that screw up your system rarely happen on other platforms.

I think it’s to make money. I explained the same thing in another post. If you have a killer system that needs no upgrades, how do you make a profit? Linux makers don’t have this trouble because they are non-profit orginisations. Apple don’t have this problem because they make their money out of the hardware. M$ make money on their OS - that’s largely all they’ve got (and to make $30billion from it they have to make it really sh*t). If they put bugs in it, they make money on helplines, PC websites get more hits for people wanting fixes, repair men who work for M$ or PC companies get money for sorting problems.

It’s easier to get a second hard drive. That way if one system buggers up, you can move stuff on one drive to the other and format without losing the other system. I think they run on different filesystems anyway don’t they? UFS for Linux and NTFS for Windows. If so, it’s best to have another drive. You’d only need a 10-20GB drive for Linux if you have enough space on the Windows drive.

im going to dual boot windows and debian linux probably.

windows is OK, but nothing more. Mac is better.

Dracarys when all that becomes. “click here” then please tell me LOL.