Goal net

How would i go about creating a realistic goal net?Thanks

There are several options (as usual) for that. I guess it all depends on what for and how it’s gonna be used, and what kind of detail you have in mind. One quite easy and simple option which comes in mind is just use a plane for the backnet and 2 triangle shaped planes for the side nets. Draw a netstructure (or use a photo) using Photoshop or Gimp or anything simular. Make sure it has an alphachannel (.tga format supports that) and use that as a texture with alphachannel. Subdivide the planes a couple of times and use the softbodies option… (search the forums for more info on how to use softbodies if you are not familiar with that…) Ofcourse you need to create the poles aswell to hang the nets on…

Hopes this is somewhat helpfull, good luck!

He’s right, there are almost infinate ways to do it.

You could subdivide a plane a few times or so. Hit w-key and bevel it or use the Bevel center script. Remove faces, add softbody and a force of wind, and use one or a combo of procedural textures and materials.