Goals that you set out to accomplish when you start learning blender?

Just wondering, I am sure all of you when you start out this epic journey to learn 3d art, there are some impossibly difficult project that are rushing to your mind at that time but can’t actually do it because of you just starting out.
So my question is how many of those initial projects actually got finished as you learn more?

I didn’t have much in the way of ambitious goals when I started Blender other than make games and do art.

I did however once tried a shot of making an extremely long image series about the development of a Las Vegas style casino strip (nearly ten years ago), I got as far as the exterior of the first one and the second one under construction before abandoning it (trying doing that at a low skill level and a Pentium D machine).

I tried again a year or so later, and when I got the exterior of the first one mostly done, something happened where Blender would always crash on rendering so I stopped again.

Right now, part of it is make art that I can sell as part of my art selling business, I don’t mean focusing just on the popular stuff, I still try to exert control over the art I want to make.

Dang, that’s quite a project list, sfgeoff! Pretty inspiring. :smiley:

I tend to finish fan projects more often than original projects, mostly cause of the enthusiasm/pressure to post completed things from other people who are into the same thing. (Or maybe that’s just me being a gratuitous fangirl.)

I believe that if you embark on that epic first project, your goals are likely to change partway through. It’s probably just a natural part of getting your head around how Blender works and what you can and can’t do with it. That said, lately I break my big projects down into lists of bite sized goals, and then create the simplest possible mini-project to learn how to execute the current goal on the list. It’s a new strategy but so far it seems to be working pretty well :slight_smile: Slow and steady progress (and tons of planning) gets you there eventually!