Goals ????

What is the goal? This thought drives me crazy. I get up in the morning and just wonder what is the purpose of it all? Are we here to destroy each other, or to contribute to a common good? Things could be so much better if we all worked together. Just a bit of wandering. I ask myself what the reason would be for artists to be creating images of weapons and warfare? Why would that be of any importance?

Cheers, pix :spin:



I don’t really believe that our existence has an overall purpose. I think by mere chance we were able to create a complex social hierarchy, develop morals and what not. Dare I say that I also believe religion may have been created to fill a void in our understanding of our own existence.

Perhaps we’re all just one of these:
Commanding our bodies to do our will (Imagine talking directly to someone’s brain, as opposed to their face, that would be weird). Its a fairly scary thought.

Therefore one should enjoy life, within the constraints of social norms, in ways such as creating pictures of perfectibility socially acceptable things. Such as weapons and war.

Also, I believe the micro-organisms are vastly under represented in today’s society and political agendas.

The overall goal is to procreate and promote the species. To survive, at its most basic.

My goal is to enjoy every day that God gives me, no matter what s/he may dish out.

As far as art and weapons/war, death clears out the way for the newer, the stronger, to thrive. When one has served its purpose, it needs to die in order for the procreated to thrive. Otherwise, the whole system would get gummed up with geriatrics. Weapons just hasten death, and hence progression. War clears out thousands of the weaker, and provides that much more resource for the stronger to use so that they can procreate the better species. Every species wages war in one form or fashion and at some level; simply competing for scarce resources is war. War is part of life, it is the struggle. If the purpose of art is to imitate life, then art should paint war, just as it should paint rest, butterflies, and unicorns.

I’d say, the goal is to have fun.
I’m not sure if there’s any ‘ultimate goal’ we must all accomplish…


Nobody knows why. There is no why. So we get to choose whatever we want. That’s the beauty of it all. If you think you found the answer, then you have gone crazy.

Eckhart Tolle would say that the goal is to forget all the ego-driven striving and simply tune into the “Now” of everything. Sounds like a plan to me.