Goat-Tek Bodyguard Droid Bust

The product of an afternoon and evening of blendering. I’m rather fond of this one, heh. I think I’ll have to revisit this style some time and try to make a full bot rather than just a bust.

I like the detail but I feel like it needs a little more subtle wear and tear. The gauges and nicks look pretty good but the rest of the material looks a bit smooth.
The shoulder things, the little cylinders look prety cool but I feel like they need a little more context on how they are coming out of the armor. It looks like they are just sort of clipping as it is.
Cool design all in all, and I like the colors.

This is awesome! Really cool concept and great detail! The only thing I recommend changing are the 3 cylinders on each shoulder…looks a little pic like crystals shape or Durcell battery.

Overall great job though!

I like it especialy the scratches on the head.
but I’m just curious. Why goattech ?