Goa'uld staff weapon...

I’m trying to make, firstly, the effect of the Goa’uld staff weapon (from Stargate) when it fires. I have some reference images (from the opening credits sequence of the newer episodes (season 6+)), but after a while of messing around w/ particles and textures, I haven’t come close to what it really looks like. Can anyone help me with this?

Secondly, does anyone know where I can find a schematic for the staff weapon?



Maybe a halo and an emitter as a child to it?
A quicky

Used 1 halo and 1 emitter with norm vect, randlife, and a bit of randdirection. also used Mblur to soften probably look better if actually moving.
also if you need a ref there was one episode where they found the harseeses(?) in like a zne temple on another world, tiwarsds the end they show a staff weap blast frozen in time it might help, but i dont know season or episode.

It isn’t quite a schematic, but there is a Stargate costuming/props forum
that you can find at:

It may take a bit of searching, but I know that I’ve seen full-length
photos of the cast-resin staff weapon models.

Hmm… not quite what I was looking for, but thanks. Any one else have any ideas?

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Are you sure Fonix Wircs isn’t appropriate for your needs? The color and those lines and all that can be adjusted. Halos and particles are your best bet.