gobal path //render vs. output settings path

What is the differnce between the “Default directory for rendering output” in the global File Paths settings and the directory I can set in the Buttons Window for the Render Settings (tooltip: “Directory/Names to save the pics to”)? No matter what I set the global path to the rederendered images go allways to c:/tmp. When I set the path in der render settings to //render\ an hit ctrl-u the next time I create a new blend file it is again /tmp\ an images are saved to c: mp again.
What do I need to to, that the setting I set the global filepath for renderoutput is actually used?

If you’re talking about the blender GUI, can’t you just click the file icon to the right of the text box and select your path that way?

If you’re talking about doing command line renders with the -o switch, type in the directory like this-> “/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Desktop/MyBlends/”

Notice the quotes and forward slashes. The one at the end is needed unless you want the files to be saved as MyBlends0001.jpg in the Desktop folder.

Hope I answered your question