Goban—Simple is Beautiful

This is an image I created for the Simple is Beautiful contest on the Luxrender forum. Created in Blender 2.57, Cheetah3D, and rendered in Luxrender 0.8 to 1300 samples per pixel, over some 30 hours. I hope you like it.

It looks very nice and realistic. I’m not sure exactly whats happening though. Those are chinese checkers (I think) but what is the point of the image? (I hope I don’t sound like Andrew Price)

LOL, you are a little bit right. There is not much point to the image. It’s just a simple scene about a deceptively simple game (Go,) with a simple joseki on the board (one of my favorites, btw,) a simple fan used by Go players, and a simple lighting setup, suggesting morning light and a simple day of Go study ahead of you. Like I said, it does not have a point, or does it?
PS: Thanks for commenting, it was beginning to feel a bit lonely…

Mmmm I used to learn Go long time ago, unfortunately I didn’t keep it up, but it’s a remarkable game.
The model and light look very nice, and you can tell it’s morning; what seems a bit awkward to me is the composition. Maybe the box shows too much of the sides so you have large areas of dull wood?

Thanks for the comment. I hadn’t thought of that… I’ll see if I can give this piece a different twist. Thanks!

30 hours for rendering is such a waste of energy and time. I’m sure you could achieve similar result within BI in 20 minutes or so.

@rozmiarek: Yeah you might have a point there. However, I don’t consider it wasted time, mainly because it gave me an excuse to learn first-hand a few things about Luxrender. I wish I had a faster computer with a supported GPU, so I could take advantage of OpenCL rendering, which is considerably faster. In any case, I might try rendering it again in BI, that might be a good exercise. Any suggestions?

…as a Simpleton…i like it…looks like Life…big areas of sameness…with learning and strategy to keep us awake…how can something you care about / spend time on… be a waste of time?..only crit…the bowl of pieces is STILL noisy …