Goban WIP

Here is a scene I’m working on. Done in Blender 2.57, rendered in Luxrender 0.8, which keeps getting better and better!

Very well executed. It seems to me that the texture on the side of the table / board is a little deformed.
It is a game with few rules but very complex to play. :wink:

Thanks! Yes, the texture there needs to improve, I may add a few stones to create a realistic fuseki :slight_smile:

Since I’m rendering this with Luxrender, and it’s a sort-of simple scene, I am going to enter it in the “Simple is Beautiful” contest. Here is an (almost) final render. The stones in the bowl were created with a beta, in-the-works version of Cheeta3D’s bullet physics plugin, by Hiroto Tsubaki.

Very nice indeed, the only critism I can make is that I think the stones are too smooth, if you put a very sligth bump map on them I think they would look more realistic.

Woow, really nice! I used to play go (though I pretty much sucked at it), but haven’t got time lately. I don’t think you need a bump map on the stones, as go stones are really smooth. I think the wooden cup with the stones in it might be a bit too shiny though.
Anyhow, great work^^

Thanks! I agree, the bowl might need a bump map. It was on my to-do list already :slight_smile: The stones, especially the white ones, need a texture, that’s for sure. I’ll need to create a volume material for them, interacting with the shell striations, they can be pretty translucent in real life. As for playing Go, I was addicted to it for years. I am still officially 4 dan, although my actual strength has gone down, from not playing much :slight_smile: That joseki you see there on the board is one of my favorite ones…