goblet of fire

Alright. Haven’t posted in a while. Here’s just a test, doing a harry potter style blue flame.
Domain is 48, Hi Rez is FFT 2, with 100k particles. Let me know what you think!


here’s a screencap:


That blue textures is neat!

Very nicely done.

thanks guys!

I was tinkering with this the other day, and for some reason it still didn’t seem to have the detail that the harry potter movie does. Then, it hit me. I needed to make the inner parts of the flame more transparent, and the edges more vibrant, like real fire:

So, I ended up modifying the color shader and making the denser parts LESS opaque, so just the edges show. Here’s the new result:

Let me know what you guys think, and if you want tutorial or whatnot


You need to make a tutorial.

Thanks for sharing the insights, I agree that’s a great experiment! My only suggestion is that I never liked the totally monochromatic look, personally, I think it would be great if you added some other licks of yellow or green or purple to the occaisional tip of the flame

@walshlg: that’s actually a good idea. I was so focused on getting the look right, I didn’t think about improving it artistically. I’ll try that next time!

A tutorial would be great. This type of effect has always been like black art.
Thanks for the tute if you get time…

cool, alright. expect a quick tutorial in the next couple of days.

Looks awesome. Great job.

Here goes: I decided to do a longer text tutorial because ideas always come to me and I always want to go back and edit later :eyebrowlift2:


Keep in mind, this is my technique for doing stylized fire, and not pure “realism.”

Awesome, thanks!

Are the shader settings for the domain or the sphere?

Thanks for the time…I’ll have to play now.

wow that was quick! I really like this tut style too, combo of written and vid is perfect imho, thanks a lot

no prob and thanks for the feedback!

@rvngizswt: all the shader settings are for the Domain