Well Ive got of my blender works lying around my computer and I have to put them somewhere so here is one. This is a goblet I did awhile ago.C&C as always is appreciated


The stem (or neck or whatever you want to call it) is too tall and thin and the texture really doesnt match.

It’s not casting a shadow. The cloud texture is terrible, use a metallic material. It’s really too plain right now, just an extruded cylider.

Guys, be nice. I really hate in when people gouge noobs for being noobs. It helps no one, and harms eveyone. You were a noob once.

Slasher, nice work.
If this goblet something you would like to improve, you should make the material glass or metal. Also, if you model from a referance pic, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to create a nice model. Try Google Image search for ‘goblet’ or ‘chalice’ you can’t well go wrong there.
I would strongly suggest that you focus on modeling before you put a lot of effort into materials and textures though. It is very easy to get distracted in that direction.

Ditto to what BenJaru said. In fact I barely know how to even UV unwrap, I’ve been using Blender for about 8 months. I’m concentrating almost entirely on learning to model things well. References are almost always the best way to go, whether they be photos or something you draw yourself.

About the Goblet and rendering in general: lighting is huge for making a scene interesting. You can have the best textures on the planet and totally ruin the render iwth poor lighting. Conversely, you can have mediocre to poor textures and make the scene very good with great lighting. Of course if you combine great textures with great lighting, well… that’s the best scenario… :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you would like more advice on your model, please post a screenshot with a decent view of your model in Edit Mode>>solid so that we can see what you are doing with your topology. (I’m really thinking of making that statement my signature, as I say it so much…)