Goblin Character (Updated 10/16)

The other day I created a character for my avatar with Fireworks (I find its vector tools easy to use). Then I got the idea to create him in blender! Mind you this is pretty much my first attempt at modeling a head, not to mention off the top of my head!:stuck_out_tongue:


Wire frame:

He ended up looking more like a goblin or something of the like rather that what I was intending; however, I feel pretty good about how this has gone thus far other than I don’t think my topology is right…

The mesh still needs some tweaking as well as more features (eyelids), I am open to CC.

I haven’t decided whether or not to give him a head of hair. I just haven’t been able to get the results I want with it yet. Either way I will add some small ones on and in his ears as well as other various places. I’m learning how to use the node system right now so I can give him some interesting features on the “skin.”

As far as a complete body, we will have to see. My current computer is starting to feel boggy when running blender, that is until I get my new lappy… Yay!:eyebrowlift:

I hope to have fun with this project and learn vast amounts of blender knowledge along the way!

Again, CC welcome!

Thanks for looking!

Here’s an update.

I cleaned up the mesh and added a few features (hair/eyelids). Now I am experimenting with the skin material.

I applied SSS, and as much as I like the look of it (very much like skin), when I tried to apply a texture to give the surface of the skin some pores and wrinkles, but when I rendered it, it looks like this:

So I’m hoping someone can help me to get the definitions I want in the skin as well as another thing that bugs me about the above picture. I call this angle the “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” look. I don’t think that a nose would have THAT much (backlight?) to it.

Anyway, let me know what you think!:slight_smile:

Oh, I changed the title of this because this character is not looking like what I had intended (a 3d version of my little avatar guy), but I am going to ride the wave/rush and use it as a blender learning project!

You could try just lowering the SSS. A lot of people put too much SSS on their models just cause it has a nice smoothing look to it, but in reality that effect is so subtle that even the slightest amount of forward lighting will destroy the effect completely.
Your ear, in the top shot of your last post, is lit from both sides, yet the SSS is very prominent there. It would be there a bit, but not to that extent. I find that overusing the effect ends up making a model kind of look a bit like a gummi bear or something. The ear there looks like it’s soft chewy candy, and i want to eat it. Anyway, i think that would go a long way to solving the nose problem. To comment further on the surface details and stuff we’d need to see the way the mesh looks now that it’s been cleaned up.

Judging from the first post and then looking at the latest, it certainly does look like the mesh has been cleaned up a lot, so you’re probably heading in the right direction at the very least :smiley:

/* EDIT - Also, nice design. I love the teeth. For a ‘nearly first’ head it’s well above average. */

Squiggly_P: Thanks for the comments!!! :slight_smile:

Tonight (for me ;)) I did some testing with the back scattering weight option. Here are the results:

(For some reason in this render, the, err… his right, incisor tooth is black?)

To me, and on my p.o.s. monitor, 2.0 look about right, maybe slightly lower (1.9-1.8). What do you think Squiggly_P? Does 2.0 look soft and chewy still :smiley: lol…

The updated wireframes as requested:

The “cleanup” mostly involved moving vertexes along the cheek, jaw, and mouth. If it is warranted, I may simplify the mesh is some way. I think there are too many faces/vertices on this model and the same result could be done with about half, but at this stage of the game, I’m not sure how?–in particular, along the side of the face where the faces get long and tight.

I have a question. There are some things I want to do with the ear canal hair (as well as on his head), but I just can’t seem to get it right using curve guides, wind, force fields, and et cetera… maybe I just need to learn how to use the tools better. But anyway, Is there a way to change particles into a mesh? Or are there better methods to get the results you want with particles?


Here’s a full render with the updated back scattering weight:

Again, the tooth is not supposed to be black… (Is there a reason why it would render like that?)

800x600 AmbOcc:10

800x600 NO AmbOcc

I like the color of the render with ambient occlusion; however, it seems to be a little overexposed. Perhaps turning down the intensity of the area lights would fix this?

I haven’t worked at all with particles, so i can’t really help you out with the hair stuff. The 2.0 backscatter looks a lot better to me as well. As far as the cleanup, the only advice i can give you really is to save the .blend file, then start merging verts that are next to each other, or deleting sections and then re-building them. The Subsurf modifier will create all the extra roundness you need. Just save them with different file names as you go, so if something gets screwed up you can always go back to an older version. I’ll ususally end up with dozens or scores of blend files as i progress on a model. it takes a lot of the stress out of ripping apart meshes and trying out different ideas.

I’m not really sure how the Ambient Occlusion works in Blender either, so i’m afraid i can’t really be much help there… Nor with the tooth… you could try recalculating the normals for the teeth (CTRL+N) but if that’s not the problem, and if it’s not just a different material on the tooth, then i got nothing…

Thanks for the suggestions! I think doing that to the mesh, as you said, will definitely be worth it. Perhaps I’ll delete everything but the key vertices that give the definition to the model and then start creating faces from those… we’ll see how to goes.

I’ll try to squeeze as much blender-ing in as I can this week, I’ve got some tests and stuff coming up at school.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Well, I had a few hours to spare, so I got to work on the goblin. I am currently in the process of “redoing” the mesh so I actually has some edge loops! Here is what I’ve got thus far:

Still much tweaking left to do to get it close to the previous, as you can tell. Also note that I just slapped the Skin 2 SSS preset on this model for now.

and the wires:


Roughly 1600 verticies, a few less than the previous version! I think I’ll be able to do more with this one.

Let me know how I’m doin’! Thanks!

May the Force be with you! :evilgrin:

Latest update. I’ve had some time to work on this guy again and add a few new things to the new(er)/updated model, like teeth and eyes. I’m pretty happy with how he looks as far as the mesh and the shape of his facial features; however, I am very displeased with how my material turned out. I could not get SSS to look right in 2.45, so I’ve bagged it at this point. I will probably end up using a UV map instead. If someone could point me to some good material tutorials for skin, it would be greatly appreciated.

(He looks a little worried in this picture… lol!)

Please provide your comments and suggestions.

Anybody? (cough cough… is this thing on?) :slight_smile:

do you still have the avatar of the original? it’s a little hard to compare. (plus I wanted to give that head’s basic shape a shot) What i think about it so far? well, ehm, to be honest your avatar had a lot of character, whereas this 3D version lacks pretty much just that.
You do see this thing evolving and apparently you are learning from this project, so it’s a good thing.
The shape is still not too good for a head. Topology could be better too.
Decide what it is you are going for. It looks like you can’t decide whether to make this cartoon like the avatar, or realistic. If you’re going for realistic, then the one with the black tooth was the best one, regardless of the shading.
If I were you I’d redo this one. start clean, start fresh. It’ll take you a lot less time to create a better one now. It’ll take more time if you keep cleaning up this one with a bit of tweaking here, and a little tweaking there…
Don’t mean to be harsh, but that’s how I see it.

Also, if you redo this one, use not only the avatar (frontview) but also draw a sideview for reference.