Goblin/Gargoyle like character WIP


This is going to be the character in my first animation. I’ve only just finnished the head modelling, and I come up with this after playing with the armatures I’d set up. I’ll texture him later when I finnish the modeling.

I’ve got to come up with a name too…

Any comments crits?

Nice. I love those nasty teeth. Is this going to be an entry for ‘out of the darkness’?

whats “out of the darkness”?

check the contests forum,…it goes until saturday,…not sure how the placeholder thing is working with this one though,…

Cool facial expressions - they look very Gollum-like :slight_smile: - especially the eyes.

Blend on!


Cool! The expressions with closed / almost closed mouth work better. Might be because opening the mouth wide should have more impact on rest of his face.

I’m very interested in the aramture setup. Please post some shots showing them and/or explain the setup.

Oh, and maybe this is of some interest for you:

I don’t think I’ll enter this one. I’m going to take my time and try to do a good job.

I tried to UV texture the head today and failed miserably. Oh well. Going to have to keep practicing. Enyway. I think I still need to add some armatures to the cheeks, the ears and the outer corner of the eyes.

I had a problem with floating teeth when the jaw was opened so I attatched another armature to the bottom jaw so that I can correct the teeth with.

Ok, I know I’ve probably gone about this all wrong, but I haven’t really tried to model something to be animated before. Heres how it looks.


The for the iris I made an alpha map put it on several planes (about 6) moved them directly behind each other and rotated them randomly. I then gave each a different colour. I think it gives the eyes a sence of depth.



BTW- whats the best pose to model a body in for armatures, or is it just a matter of what works for you?

Oh yeah and thorwil, I’ve been pulling faces like that all afternoon!! :x :stuck_out_tongue: :o :wink: :<

Thanks for the armature shots! I don’t know if it’s a good setup or not, since I have almost no experience with armatures. I wanted to see how complicated a setp might be for such results.

About the eyes: I’m sorry to say, but I think if there is any effect at all, it’s lost in all but close-ups. You might want to look at this:

Another technique I read about combines what is “Eye White” and “Cornea” above in one mesh, set transparent and used for highlights. Then another smaller sphere is put inside, bend inwards for the iris, witha hole for the pupil (pupil should not reflect any light, since highlights will come from other mesh). The inside mesh gets a texture applied to it for eye white and iris.

About the pose for rigging: No own experience, but far as I know most people use a da vinci stlye pose. Straight arms and legs are for sure helpful. But some people model and rig in a relaxed state, arms down and slightly bend, same for legs. That’s supposed to be better for deformation.

You know, I actually did most of that. Minus the cornea. Anyway, The idea is that there will be a few fairly close ups for the face in the animation, thats why I’m putting a bit of effort into the facial armatures. My textures are just not quite as good as theirs. Oh well, dammit some day :Z