Goblin Sculpt

I have fallen in love with Blender’s sculpt feature. Here’s my second attempt (the first was just a test), a sort of happy-go-lucky goblin. Eventually I’ll transfer a normal map of of this and create a lowpoly game character (if I have time before I head off to college). Started from a cube, imitating Endi’s style. Right now, I’m a bit hung up on how to make his mouth look. I know I want him to be smiling. All C&C welcome. Oh, and I know I completely miffed the ears…

File (65MB): Goblin Sculpt.blend


Will you be doing a Re-topo? for animation?

Re-topo for the GE most likely.

Looks good! I think that you could add sharper wrinkles around the eyes though, everything now looks really soft and smooth. Good job though!

Yeah, I haven’t gotten to the details (I’m at multires 5 or 6). I add those last since the Pinch tool is partially destructive.

Yeah, pinch tool can be pretty scary, just use it in small doses at a time though. best way to do wrinkles (IMO) is to draw a subtracting line and then run the oinch tool over that and then smooth it a tiny bit.

its like the dude from Harry Potter…i think the Second one

You’re thinking of Dobby, and you’re right.

Looks pretty good so far. :slight_smile:

Jack: That’s the method I’ve used in the past, but I’m wondering if it isn’t a better idea to use the Layer tool so there’s more control. I’ll have to try it.

Haven’t seen Harry Potter…you mean this fellow?

I’m wondering if there are any good normal map baking tuts out there for the new 2.46 tangent space.

That is great stuff!

actually, I kinda like the ears…

really good. I like it :slight_smile:

Anyone have any good ideas about a good mouth?

There are, and once i post this i will search my recent posts for it.

Okay here is a VIDEO TUTORIAL for you.

Thanks house arrest. Do you know any way of downloading that? The reason I ask is that I don’t actually have the internet at the place I do my Blender work so I’d have to write out a list of steps I suppose. Any help would be more than appreciated.