Goblin UPDATE! (26 I 06)

UPDATE: Scroll down a few posts to see a completely new model!

***Original post:
Hi! Remember when I was complaining about how unhappy I am with my goblin even though everybody else likes him a lot? Well, turns out I needed more detail.
Compare: http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/files/oldears.jpg with http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/files/newears.jpg.
Close up: http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/files/ear.jpg

I am going to start anew from scratch. These ears will be included in the next version. That means: see You until the next update!

nice ear! if you can apply that level of sculptural detail to the entire character, he will truly KICK-ASS!

be careful though, if you keep raising the bar, it just makes the expectations that much higher as well. you will have to apply the same level of detail to his environment as well, and anyone else who inhabits it. looking forward to updates…

jim ww

Whoa. I didn’t think about that. I might gonna have to think this through… Although I guess I have all my life to finish this project.

Great Work Man, keep it up, like the new ears, do you think you could do some walking and talking animations?

Awsome character

Hey. I took some parts from an old model and did a speedmodeling of the goal. Althoough I did not succeed, the result is quite interesting: http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/files/gobugly.jpg

I like the old one better.

i like the race you are creating … would make a great adventure game…

Excuse me for not reading the original first post, but I just was wondering if this is a character you might end up animating and bringing life to.

Goblins are typically quite nasty looking. The first render (in first post) to me looks almost like what somebody would call a “cute” goblin. The new one you just posted recently however looks more to me what would be nasty, gross looking goblin.

Just my two cents. Either way, great detail on the models, keep up the good work.

just one more thing … could you show us some wires?!?



Yes, I’ll be starting all over when I get the proportions right. This is just a messy speed model.

OK, I have to say something here that may sound a bit harsh, so don’t take it personally.

The ears are modelled fantastically and look really, really good. The rest of the head, and again no offense here, is really sub-par by comparison. Even your original one does not compare to the complexity of the ear mesh.

Some more time taken to get the rest of the head mesh to the level of the ear will really make the overall model benefit.


I’m afraid I’m gonna have to disagree with BgDM here.

Looking at the original fella, and this newly revised attempt, I’d say the ears fit perfectly with both.

I think, especially with the new revision, that the whole concept and approach looks very high-quality indeed.

I see more than enough facial detail to give it “character”. And it’s also worth noting that the recent revision isn’t even textured yet. A lot of facial detail can be enhance with good UV mapping.

It’s each to their own in this world I suppose, but I think the underlying topology is pretty darn good. You keep going Mike :smiley:

i think BgDM was referring to the detail level in the meshes…

for instance it looks like he spend more time on the ears than he did on all of the rest of the head…therefore giving it an “unbalanced” look. i think some more details on the head will make this look amazing.

I must be missing something regarding modelling here. I’m not bad at modelling, but organic is not my strongest area.

When people are talking about ‘detail’, what exactly are they meaning?

When I look at this goblin, in it’s current state, I can see plenty of details which let me know it’s a face for instance: I can see lips, nice eye-brow definition, nostrels and some of the nasal cavity, a pretty decent looking jaw and chin.

It must be me but I can’t actually see where this ‘detail’ that folk are talking about would go? %|

I can see that the neck is pretty bland, and it shows quite clearly. But I imagine it’s because Mike hasn’t gotten that far down yet.

But would someone please clarify or even post some kind of image showing what is meant by this ‘detail’.

Also, when I look at a human head I see something which actually is quite lacking in details. Eyes are spheres, some curves to define where cheeks are etc… but when you even look at a human head, the ear is far more complex in comparison, and yet we don’t consider a human head to be “unbalanced” with regard to detail. You take a look. Ears always look complicated on human-esque characters. They look that way because they have to.

I’d like to learn about organic stuff so I’m naturally baffled when I see something I think looks pretty good, and then I hear others (with several thousand posts between them) saying it’s lacking in something. %|

No really, You guys have to read my posts more carefully. Yes, nephets, You are correct. I did spend more time on the ears than on the rest of the head. http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/gobticons/razz.gif As I said, THE WHOLE THING (well, except for the ears) IS GOING TO BE REMODELED FROM SCRATCH!!! This was just a sketch model to help me choose the right proportions (I’m still working on that).

And Polygone, thanks, but tthere’s no need to defend me http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/gobticons/wink.gif Here’s an example of a detailed face mesh (not mine): http://www.thehobbitguy.com/tutorials/polymodeling/images/tut15h.jpg

I wasn’t defending anyone really. Just trying to make sense of what was being said. I know you can hold your own, I just look at your modelling and you get the respect you deserve from me :smiley:

That image you showed is pretty good. But to me that’s quite stylized. I can see wrinkles and some more pronounced bulges, but that’s to be expected of a hulky type guy.

Perhaps I’d be better asking what direction you intend to take your goblin? I mean… photoreal? stylized? cartoony? cute?

Maybe by giving an idea of where it’s heading, I might be better able to understand when folk talk about adding details etc…

But just so you know, I personally haven’t seen anything I consider bad from you so far, so I’m happy :smiley:

Why, thank You!
I’m aiming at something… dunno: stylized realistic? Well, similiar to the pic I posted. I don’t want it to be as cartoony as the previous one. And not quite that cute, but not ugly too. Wrinkled and thick-skinned but with proportions that are pleasant to look at.
I think that this is a good example:
Copyright Robin Benes

Sorry, my bad. I missed the “remodelled completely” part of your post. :wink: