here is a goblin i am working on for a mod for hl2 some of my freinds and i are working on
– its a 3rd person action rpg( like a fps but third person in a rpg setting)

any suggestions,(besides hands :P)

Perhaps if the head was slightly larger?

Could we see a wire? Whats the tri count so far?

tri count is 1427


looks good, are you going to uv texture him?

i’m not shure… :-?
i threw together a quick “green skin” in ps but its at home, and i’m at school, i’ll post it when i get home.

in a 3rd person rpg i dont thing there will be any reason to uvmap him, the armor will be 3d excangeable i think.
i will be adding a little back and front flap to cuver that up…


Looking good 8) I would make the legs a bit less detailed though.


here is an update- i started making a strap over his sholder that holds the “skirt/kilt” but i decided that it can be textured in.

how do you plan on importing this model into HL2? also it looks like your poly count is seriously low… you know the average character model in HL2 is about 4000.

also if your going to animate it, try working on the topology. think about where you want it to bend and move and then line up your edges with that. i know its a lot to aim for, but you’ll get it in the end :wink: .

as soon as my final is over on wensday i’m going to start mapping for HL2.

[!] keep it up :smiley:

poly count; i was told to keep them not so high since it is a 3rd person game u dont need them to high, and its a FAST pased game so…

so do i put the verts on the joint, or on either side of the joint?


heres an update my “boss” suggested making him look starving, since he is triing to eat u. so i pulled in his stomach,
and i got another consept drawing so i added an earing.
I’m not shure if he wants me to modle the indevidual ribs or if they will be textured

yep not bad, but arms are too longs

it supposed to be like that.according to consept art ect.