Hi guys!

Here’s a project i did just for fun and to try a little bit of sculpting.
Sculpt made with blender, rendered with cycles and some post in photoshop.

Hope you like it!

Nicely done! How many time it took to complete the project?

Pretty good but man… where is the sss? :frowning:
You have those gigantic thin ears and no sss? I like the contrast with the cloth.
I dont like the red eyes though... Overall its pretty good, just add sss pls :3

Edit: I noticed some stretches on the neck and the reflection on the eye is painted. Most of the time it look fake if you paint the reflection.

Thanks GriMan! it took me about three or four days to complete it.

AlinB, it have SSS but not to much because if I added to much then the sculpt lose a lot of the detail. Here you can see a render without de sss.

But I still thinking you are right, so I’ll try to add some more sss but this time just to the ears (the truth is I didn’t think that before :D).

Thanks for the advice!