Hi everyone, mi name’s Diego, this is my first post here. I’m a new blender user.
For my first job in blender i decide to modeling a Goblin, revisited, i start from a base mesh modeled with skin modifier, sculpt with dynamesh and retopology with blender and last i modeled some shields and sword.
I tried to use a multi resolution to sculpt detail on my Goblin, but is so tedious because it’s so slow with dens mesh.
I use a Zbrush for detail, but i didn’t checke that uv map were correct like Blender…a chaos of polygons, one above the other, all the detail work was lost.
I am attaching also the model


can dowload Goblin model here http://speedy.sh/X86Wa/Goblin.blend.zip

Sorry this link is so better

cool model and concept. those branchy things are cool.

Thankyou Modron!!

Now this is a dope goblin, definitely original :smiley:

I like it! :smiley: