taking a break from work to do a personal project and take my new Quixel suite for a spin.

yo this is cool man, u did a good job of converting from 2d to 3d

Nice stuff! I envy you guys being able to pull-off such amazing sculpts with ZBrush. :slight_smile:

Thanks bojo600, I had lots of other picture reference too but it all starts with some doodling

Thanks reynante, I mostly only used Zbrush for details in the hat and the body, the rest is mostly straight from Blender or detail from textures. Being able to decide what needs to be sculpted and what should be done with textures is a key step in the process.

hell yes dude. This is a great example of a block in workflow. With a strong silhouette and base you can’t fail. I was just looking for an example. This will work great! Excellent work and thanks for sharing the workflow! 2d to 3d for the win!

yeah man, gotta stick to those fundamentals every time. What did you need an example for?

Also, just hearing about your HardOps tool lately, freakin beautiful man. Should be standard with Blender. And that UI looks so good.