God damm love dreams!

Hey, i had this dream tonight, i wrote it down in an online dream journal, i just thought i should share it with you guys, and as you might se, im desperatly in love with that girl…

So, this dream started out as a class reunion for my old clas, were this girl called stina used to go with me.
We were just about to do a competition, when she just fell down on the floor and i didnt understand why, but the other girls in the class started whispering about me, not being that hot. :S
so, i approached her, and she said, hey jimmy (that’s my name) can i just kiss you? please?
and i was, and still am, desperately in love with her, so i said “yeah, sure”.
she were just about to kiss me when she turned back, because i had some zits. (DAMM!)
and i said, hey if you want to, i could just remove them, the dream wasn’t lucid , so i couldn’t.
The rest of the dream is blurry. but i do remember i were about to follow her home, and i think i finally got that kiss!! (after 6 years of me being in love with her.)
So, i thought, of this as the happiest day of my life, but then, i woke up, still a bit nervous from when she were about to kiss me, and realised it was all a dream.

at least now i know, whenever she is around, i’m dreaming.

Love dreams can annoy me cause I’m always shaky after I wake up, you know, from nervousness and stuff.
And then I get over the person later.

I’ve had two of those… I’m not sure if its love, or just the desire of not being lonely…

Ha, ha. Not bad, but I think my wet dreams are better. In my wet dream I actually get to sleep with all the girls. It’s a good thing I have a fertile imagination.:smiley:

This actually reminds me of a Red Dwarf novel I read once, where the Red Dwarf boys find themselves living a wonderful life, with the perfect wife and everything, just like that 1940’s movie of the same name. And then one of them realizes that they been attached to some Matrix machine for the last six months, and their bodies are reduced to skin and bone.


I’m with you on that man :wink:

I had a dream where all the female BlenderArtist were trapped in some kind of weird Blender Vortex and I came to their rescue and became a Blender Hero.

Weeelllll,that wasn’t actually a dream,because it is TRUE!!! BwaaaHaaaaHaaaaa

I remember having dreams about every night, here’s one from last night.

-Part of it was I was in a world where pale lizard people (or people with reptiles souls or something), were persecuted by large humans and this world had multiple regions including one where the lizard-men could escape to to a place full of reptiles away from the humans. It was kind of full of randomness, including a crystal filled cave with a half-buried sign pointing to the place they were trying to escape to inside, a cop in his car we were trying to hide from in the jungle, me apparently in my Dragon form for a few seconds (don’t feel too easy saying exactly what I did) ect…

I have dreams in a wide range of scenarios and locations, some of my more boring recent dreams was during when I was vacationing in Colorado last week (maybe my dreams are less interesting when I’m not bundled up in 6 blankets with a soft pillow or something so I can sleep for more than 8 hours at a time)

Yeah, i love dreams!
But even tho they sometimes break my heart, i love them, and ive been trying to get some lucid ones.

All I dreams are nonsense. I can’t even get good 3d models from them like some other people do.

In some of my dreams, there are sometimes completely made up comic strips of Bondie, Garfield, or fictional comics with visible writing, working plotlines and jokes that weren’t actually in the real strips, don’t remember those though:eek:

I just played through some more of Penumbra: Black Plague late at night… my dreams weren’t too good.
Nor was my ability to sleep at all.

Most of my memorable dreams had distinct plotlines. Most of the time the plotlines are nonsensical, like one moment I’m going to school to para-gliding(it sure did get rid of my fear of heights,though), and then those with such amazing story lines, like last night.:eek:

 It started out with me and a long time crush finding a statue of Buddha in the middle of a forest, which doesn't sound strange at first but for some reason I thought I was in South America. So the two of us touch this statue and a flash of rainbow lights spring from the ground and we were sent to an amusement park- looking place. It strangely had electric lights yet all around me was gold piping and brass a lot like in a steampunk inspired piece. There were people in those costumes(you know those guys in ChuckECheese where they dress up as him?It was like that)except, they said it was their eternal being.(I think this meant they couldn't take it off) In the corner of my eye there was a slit in this gate and a steampunk lizard's head was placed on a child. I ran, but I couldn't find my crush, then I came to this man with no face(either that or I couldn't remember if he had one) and there was a whole mass of kids with bracelets you'd where in the hospitals. He latched one on me and sent me to do the same drills. Then a boy in the far left of me started speaking about the beauty of freedom and life and he was sent somewhere, but I couldn't see past the crowd. I followed him, careful that the man wouldn't see me. The boy went to this booth where he showed his bracelet, and it glowed red. I caught up to him but the instant I past the booth, my bracelet also glowed red and there were 4 red marks on it. I took a peek at his, it was almost to the brim with red, and the two of us walked down this cavern where all of these florescent colors glowed and sculptures and animals almost impossible to believe were around us. The boy turned to me, explaining that if your bracelet had more red marks than green when it was filled up, you'll end up in those costumes, forever trapped in this foreign land. Then a girl with a blue ponytail raced past me and I followed her, sprinting as fast as I can, because for some reason, she had the answers I was looking for. There were 2 tubes filled with purple liquid that seemed to have go on forever. She dove in one tube,I dove into the other, and we reached a giant play ground. There were multiple obstacles, a balance board 100 meters long, and incredibly thin, a jump of 8 feet over a pit strangely filled with nothing, and etc. etc. By the time I reached the end, there was another boy but he was burly and with short red hair, who praised on how well I completed the practice. He and the girl told me that if I won the upcoming contest, I could either prevent or rescue anyone trapped in the costumes, or escape. I decided to enter to escape this strange reality, and upon exiting I saw that there were my middle initials were HH-TTTT (my middle initials are H-T). Then a Two headed, Four tailed fox appeared as an illusion in front of me, and then my crush appeared. And I knew, then that I had to save her first. *cliffhanger*:RocknRoll:

Whew, that was reallllly long.... I think I am insane. :D But yeah, GO DREAMS! Never had a lucid one,yet...;)

Dude I had a dream that my girlfriend broke up with me and that day she did! =D

And I knew, then that I had to save her first. cliffhanger

That’s a problem with many dreams, you wake up before it plays out, sometimes the dream is interrupted by thunder or your mother telling you to wake up.

I’ve had several dreams that played out completely and then I wake up, if the dream has nowhere to go from there when it has a plotline I usually either wake up or another dream part that has no relation starts up.

In some dreams I’m in this city or building that never seems to end, like there’s rooms (some or all of them real nice and clean), tunnels, dark areas, streets that go into buildings, malls that seem to go on and on, ect… For example there was one also last night where I was in a fancy building and I look out the window and see a grittier environment outside, I go through a well lit spacious area with plants and tiled floors and (I think) nice staircases and through some glass doors trimmed with gold into some sort of fine resteraunt type place. I look outside and see this one vehicle that looks like it’s part locomotive on concrete surrounded by gritty walls, I go outside and walk around it to the steps leading into it, someone doesn’t want me out there and wants me back inside, I race around to a small alley-like area where I jump off into a dropoff surrounded by really tall buildings like on the planet of Corucant, I fall quickly into darkness and wake up.

Ofcourse then there are dreams where you play it out to the very end, there’s a couple I can think of that ended this way. Best thing about these dreams is that you get a boost of chemicals in your blood stream that seems to last a good part of the day . . . unfortunately these “good” dreams don’t come too often. I can’t quite remember the last good dream, but I did write a short story based on regarding this. Unfortunately in those the 'net was quite accesible to me . . . so I didn’t put it up. Never mind.

I’ve had a lot of dreams such as that before lolz.

But, my problem is this girl I really like says she loves me has a brother. And, she always says night bub, and love you bub…

I hate it, but love it at the same time hahahah. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a dream of seeing a thread like this :eek:

ha ha! Good Luck with that

And I’m seruse about having a dream about a thread like this 0.o

Yea right.

Ahh, penumbra, evil stuff!

You know what’s interesting, dreams are like a reality within a reality. However, sometimes it’s difficult telling which is which. For example, last week I went out with Jessica Alba, and for the life of me I can’t tell if it was real or just a dream. Don’t worry, she said she was going to call back.:smiley:

By the way, some of you guys have very strange dreams.:confused: