God damm love dreams!

I had an amazing dream once…

I was sitting on a bench, waiting for the subway, and this men in a black suit walked up to me and handed me a suitcase, saying “Don’t open it, Don’t look back, just GO.”

So of course I start walking out and I turn into the washroom to open the damn thing, (who wouldn’t right?) It was Leonardo Da Vanci’s sketchbook! And you could say ''m a fan of his, so my mind is racing HOLYYY SH**T

But before I even have a chance to open it, there’s banging on the washroom door, and wanting to protect my precious, I climb out the window. Once I’m back on the road an amazing chase scene happens, with me jumping on cars, sliding down stairs, punching out people in suits. It was sick.

So I think I’m finally safe, and I’m about to open the book, but then I wake up!

And dreams have to be mean, and if you try to fall back asleep, you get something else =/