GoD Factory: Space Game modeled and animated in Blender

Hi Blender Community!

We’ve been working on our multiplayer space game, GoD Factory, which was entirely modeled and animated in Blender, for a year and a half now. We’ve reached a point where we reach out to the community to help us test the game so we’re opening up a free early version (Alpha) to play. If you have a Joystick or an Oculus headset, you should really use it in our game.

We will make GoD Factory available on Mac and Linux (the alpha’s windows only).

This is the download link (this downloads the Launcher, all and all it’s about 300mb):

If during the launcher download, there’s an errorm, close the launcher and start it again. That worked 90% of the time.

Here’s a couple screenshots:

And the trailer:

We’ve begun a Kickstarter to finance the last stretch of our project:


We could use the help here, as we’ve been without salary for two and a half years and we won’t be able to pay the rent in a few months.

Our Greenlight page:

I hope you’ll be interested to try it out,. So if you’d like to support us, help us on Kickstarter or vote for vote on Greenlight so we can be on Steam!

I’ll be following this thread to answer any questions,

Etienne Vanier


Just a little addendum, for those who like the first person cockpit view, it’s accessible with shift-c when you’re ingame

This looks really awesome, great work :slight_smile:

Kudos for making it work with Oculus Rift!

How about Razer Hydra support?

That hasn’t been planned yet. Razer’s CEO really likes our project, so who knows.

Lovely style guys… great design… sadly I’m personally more of a single player sorta gamer… I hope you make your kickstarter goal!

I just bought a dongle so I can use my Xbox 360 controller to the pc, for this game :slight_smile:
Donating a XXXX sum of $!

We’d like to make a heavily narrative Single Player (GoD Factory: Refugee) with only a few characters. It would have an emphasis on Scavenging for resources and Building relationships with the aliens (and the humans, should you play as an alien).

Haha, nice, Anuga. Our CEO is a big Xbox fan so the game works well with its controller. You can extensively remap any controller to suit your preferences.