God, I wish I could get good at Blender like you guys.

I really want to be good at 3D graphics, but I can’t seem to be able to do much. I respect everyone here so much and all your skill.
I’ve been following tutorials and learning, and trying to make my own stuff. Most always, my own stuff looks pretty bad and whatnot.
I’ll keep trying, but man. It’s hard. I just wanna say that I respect all you guys and your skill at this. I wish I were good at it. :-?

Just practice hard.
Don’t try to learn everything at once. For example, make your own small projects which focus on only one or two aspects of 3D (modeling, animation, lighting, textures, particles…). Say to yourself: I will practice it until I can get the result I imagine.

Start with something simple. Make a convincing stone. That’s not so easy. A glass. The one ring. Something that is easy to model but hard to give good materials to. When you master materials and lights, go over to modeling, animating… I’m repeating myself.

One of my first projects was animating a New Year’s Eve rocket, which allowed me to focus on particles only. Now I am only concentrating on UV mapping. When 2.4 is out, I will finally move over to character animation. And each of these is a lot of work, where you often don’t see beautiful art as you like.

I do guitar teaching and I always say you need to make a difference between practicing and playing. This is probably obvious for experienced artists, but many beginners confuse that.

My 0.02 €

Hello and thank you

I know I’m very good.
Work hard maybe one day you’ll reach my level
But I dont’t work hard…I even don’t work
It’s just…natural talent…not my fault…
What…you’re not talking to me…talking to the guy behind me

Hey man, its okay. I’ve been plugging away at blender for more than 5 months now, and when I first started, I’d never thought I’d end up like the guys here…
But after time, time, time and more time, my stuff is lookin pretty good. Good luck with your projects, and remember:

Never take off more than you can chew.

Good luck!

Hey OTO you idiot, he was talking to me :slight_smile:

The learning curve is obviously also relative to past experience. I was playing with animation when I was a kid (30+ years ago). Back then it was a Super 8 film movie camera with Lego blocks and plasticine. Before that I made lots of stupid stick figure animations in the corners of any books with enough pages and the right kind of paper. It was never serious, just a bit of fun here and there.

Sice then I’ve been more into graphic art and fine art - drawing and painting 3D scenes and objects with traditional art materials. Then one day 6 months ago I went looking for software to do 2D animations with and couldn’t find any but discovered Blender.

It’s frustrating beyond belief but well worth the effort of learning it. I learnt the basics of modelling first, following the various tutorials then trying my own modified versions. These projects were never finished but went far enough to be comfortable with what I was doing. I’m only now coming to grips with the animation side of things and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I haven’t even attempted UV mapping, soft bodies, particles, physics… yet

Like you, I look in here and see some amazing stuff posted by others. Some have been at it longer, others not as long. I look at their stuff and see where it’s possible to go then work out which way I’m going to go next.

I believe strongly that your ability to model in 3D is directly related to your ability to draw in 2D. If you’re not good at drawing theen practice that too whilst learning Blender.

Play with the tutorials then at some point choose a small modelling project and pursue it. Learn from it then do something more complex and so on. Then just keep going but don’t expect good results too soon - it isn’t always that easy.

Before that I made lots of stupid stick figure animations in the corners of any books with enough pages and the right kind of paper.

He He He. I remember doing this also and I am 35+ years old. My stick figures were speed freaks who ran until they turned into burning meteors. Racing cars with ramps was also cool. Colored pencils were a plus. If you have never made a flip book you should.

O wow! AndyD I used to make Lego movies by using stop motion animation. Picture by anganizing picture. I got tired of all the work and the little pay off so I basicly did the same thing that you did look for anumating programs and I found Blender. Glad I did.

Anyway Thoring I have been doing Blender about 5 months now and I am ~o~k~ at modeling (I think :D). I am trying to make little things that help me to learn certain stuff. Right now I am learning how to UV map. I have just started and I have learned quite a lot already. I love Blender!!!


That’s why I love Elysiun, you guys are hillarious. OTO, you ARE Awesome, I remember the gameEngine tutorial. I love that tutorial, though I have not moved on to your other awesone tutorials yet, so please keep em online. Most of you are very good.
I can’t say much for my abilities either because I accidentally do something good more often than plan to do it and I want consistancy and progression. I am guilty of getting sidetracked too. I see a cool gameengine tutorial and I drop practicing topology to work on GE stuff, or I mess around with Armatures and drop matirial, textures and UVs. My problem is that Blender is already such a self contained unit that there seems to be endless directions to go and I want to do it all…NOW. But today, I’m just gonna practice topology around the eyes/nose/browes and try writting memorable info into Writter then hopefully someday I will have progressed to OTO’s gameengine stuff(Which is still incredable…lol)

AndyD…6 Months??? wow… you’ve mastered quite a bit in a short time. (don’t know if mastered is the right word though…) and posted lots here for all of us to grow from.

I’ve been at Blender for over a year now. I love modeling and lighting.

My biggest thing is that I don’t have OTO’s builtin default talent for art. So most of my models are plain. or ugly. or in the trash can. (well not really…but I have aLOT of little WIPs all over my hard drive).

Time is the killer for me…wish there was more. Wish work was not a necessity for most of us to sustain life and family. Wish I had a fast render farm in my basement. the list goes on. I also get sidetracked. One minute I’m modeling a bike, the next I’m studying sharks and their behaviors.
Good luck!!