God Rays in BGE


I do not know how to achieve the ‘God Rays’ effect in the Blender Game Engine. Here is a video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXTFwVNG_Ig

Could you please, please post a .blend file. I have searched the internet for hours and spent my entire weekend looking for a .blend file. I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you very much!

Ok, well the video that you linked has a blend file that you can download.

It isn’t working for me. It says ‘404 Error’

Try again the link works 1000% perfectly for me.
Also read the comments for that youtube video. Any issues and I’d recommend asking the author


godray01.blend (1.1 MB)

this file not working with blender 2.66.
can someone fix it?

Not working on 2.66 here either. Not that I need it, but thought confirmation would be useful nonetheless.

Try 2.66a maybe? Because it’s working fine here.

Just stumbled across this Thread, as I have been seldom around here recently.
amuddypizza was aware of the Lack of Functionality and revised it, thank him. It was simply the more recent Versions of Blender not accepting my sluggish Coding Style anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: (Using Integers for Floats…)
But as said, amuddypizza has revised it, it works flawlessly again, except for the Flaws already there but not shown in my Video.^^

(Ô, he also added this orange Fog. I don’t mind, but if you do, you know where to turn it off…)

I am sorry to anyone who wrote to me on YouTube about this Filter and didn’t get Response, because I was not sure whether I should finish the Code before responding or not – I am really, really sorry for my Sloppiness these Days.
About the Code unfinished, I never undid that undescribable Glitch when you look away from the Lightsource.

Ha, weird, MangoFruit, you opened that Thread on my Birthday, as if calling me here telepathically. ;}

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Thank you! Your YouTube channel is great! I have followed all of your .blend files. Please keep posting more!

Thank you very much! I was looking for something like this forever! This is really helpful :smiley:

Sorry but I can’t appreciate the scattering, just the fog, how deactivate it? Thank you in advance…

Âh, sorry: Go to the “World” Tab in the Properties Window (with the cute little Globe) and there you can click or unclick the Checkbox “Mist”. The Fog/Mist has the Color of the World’s “Horizon Color”, so if you dislike the bright orange Background, that’s where you can change it.

Thank you, I fixed it updating the Blender from 2.66 to newest one, 2.66.1

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Omg thank you so muchhhhhh

nice work !!! thank you