Goddess at home (finally)

Uff… I managed to put the two together!

Warning some nudity (and BIG image)
Warning some nudity (220kb to be exact)

Now, let’s try CGtalk



Thank @ner :slight_smile: CGtalk thread here -> http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=152800


Personally I don’t care what CG talk thinks I like it alot, from top to bottom. (But I suspect they’ll like it too)

Absolutely beautiful, Stefano, very artistic and technically impressive. I wish it was larger yet :slight_smile: Maybe a closeup of her alone just to see all the details you invested in her. I followed this in the WIP forum and appreciate all the energy you’ve put into this.


Great picture and great to see you’ve posted at CGtalk as well. That Maya / Max club needs to see that great things can be made with Blender as well!

Great concept !!
I Love it !!

Keep blending stefano ! I love all your pics !


Really nice work Stefano.

Only thing that sort of throws it for me is that she is just floating above the temple/dome. Just seems a little odd is all.

Really nice piece though.


Very nice !
I think it would be better if she was inside the columns but I’m betting you don’t want anything so conventional :wink:

Very good.
I answered on CGTalk… :slight_smile:


Great work S68. Thou I would lower her down, so she’s standing on the top of it.


:Z 8) :smiley: :o :o

I agree with roberT: the size doesn’t do justice your work. At this resolution, nobody can know the quality of the capitals. Your goddess is absolutely gorgeous, but I can’t make out her feature here (I checked out on CGTalk).

Do like in CGTalk, add the links to the details. By themselves, they are incredible achievements.

Very well done. Quaduple Cheers!


Dunno, I feel like I’ll be shot down in flames for saying this, but it is highly disappointing.

The reason why? The individual elements that went into this scene are all superb, the close up shots of the godess highlight this, as do some of the closeup shots you posted of your temple.

In this scene, however, all the individual elements seem like they don’t belong together, and IMO the godess floating above the temple just seems a bit strange.

The terragen background leaves a lot to be desired, the green hue making it feel a little nauseating – terragen is capable of rendering out backgrounds that are a lot nicer than this, but agian, this just be down to my own preferences :stuck_out_tongue:

S68, please don’t read this as being harsh, I really don’t mean it that way --The individual elements are truly superb, but I just don’t like how it has come together as an image.

i agree with [email protected] i really like all the elements separately, but i think they should come together better. (except that i like the sky)

At first, all the elemnts are really nice and above everything I could do myself. The goddess, her house…

But the background. It’s just plain wrong. I does not fit. Not ethreal enough, misses majesty of homeplace of supreme creature. If I may be so bold and suggest, that youd go with bluish/violett color scheme and light stars and perhaps galaxies on it. This would also call for a change in over all light scheme in something more bluish.

Wow. I love her. Now early I requested a run cycle. Would this be possible to animate?

I agree that the colors need work. But what really strikes me as peculiar is that the swords she’s wielding are not bright and metallic. So I’ll take this as a test-render and assume that some beauty-passes are yet to be composited over it.

I like the image, however. Very much.

She’s also going to need details, such as (ahem…) nipples, or some kind of costume. The “many-breasted Hindu goddess of plenty” needs detail in those areas because they are a defining part of her symbolism.

However… are you sure that you have your Hindu godheads correct? Is the goddess depicted here likely to be vengeful in this way? Would her temple be thus? I don’t profess to know, but correct adherence to mythos will be significant to this image, particularly to those who may venerate these gods even to this day. Careful observation of how this goddess is usually depicted in historical paintings and statuary will also be important.

I really like the modelling and texture, it’s fabulous.

Now such a first rate job should have a final composition of the same level. Here your superb modelling is lost due to the tiny size of details.

Still a really great work but it doesnt put in the light the superb parts. Speaking of lighting, this could be more elaborate too.

S68 goddess is certainly inspired from Kali whose attributes are death, but she is not vengefull http://www.goddess.ws/kali.html
Kali usually have in hands also a severed head and a bowl of fire. She is always naked having for costume only a skull collar or a girdle of bloodied arms.
But indian Kali is deep blue and have only one pair of breast nor a real third eye in the pictures I know. She has a varying number or arms but 4 is common.

So S68 goddess is not really Kali but only inspired from it (and it was a very good inspiration I would say)

Thanx for positive comments & constrictive criticism.


paradox Actually I care most for elYsiun comments, but I was told to post to CGtalk too :slight_smile:

Robertt Rendering on my PC is 1024x2048, I reduced it for web publishing… and I will render it again bigger for printing, if that ever happens :wink:

bob_dog There’s @ndy already demonstrating Blender possibilities on CGtalk better than me!

BgDM It is not her floating over the temple, it is the temple floating under her! It is a very important difference! She is carrying the temple upwards :smiley:

Rhysy & Mr_Bomb See above :wink:

Arnaud I didn’t post detaiils here because there is a full long thread in the WIP forums :slight_smile:

[email protected]\begin{flame}@àé+’?£$%\end{flame} :smiley:
Well, actually the elements were meant to be different and since the temple is floating in space I thought a floating goddess would be acceptable :slight_smile:

I agree that the terragen background is sub-optimal, but mostly for cloud flatness and lack of true sense of depth. THe green for upper sky and orange for lower sky are meant to give exactly the sense of uneaseness you describe.

Since your terragen skies are actually really much better, would you mind sharing settings?

hippie He… stars and galaxies… bluish… naa… :slight_smile:

Jay Eff I’m afraid it won’t be possible she is not rigged, and I’m already moving to other project :slight_smile:

sundialsvc Well swords are metallic and shiny and bright, they are just too tiny and detailed for you to notice. wider part have a gold mass with a long thin hole in the middle, two inlays of ruby enamel, one at each side of the hole. Cutting edge is bright steel, hence 9 material transitions in 4/5 pixels… no wonder that you cannot apreciate reflections too :wink:

Same is true for other details, nipples are there, look at the WIP thread :wink:

However, since I was not following any single exact earth mytos but creating (happens) I have not and won’t stick to any iconograpy. I prefear, personally, to produce my own views. Actually Kali (Hindu) is black-bluish, usually four arms only - well lukep describes better her.

lukep Right, inspired but Kali is too gruesome :wink:

Now, back to work


wooooooooow really good.