Goddess [Update 28/06 top pag. 5]


THe ‘Column/Skydome’ thread ended in a surreal temple in air… still WIP.

Now, time to model the inhabitant of the temple :slight_smile:


360° View (800kb)

Eyes are those from the study. Skin is white to better apreciate modellin, but will turn blue/black/whatever.

The ugly seam is due to the fact that the two half faces are not joined, yet :wink:


very nice! i like the pierced ear. great model.

Looking good.

No crits.


well, nice update :slight_smile:

soo, will it be a statue or animaiton :wink: ?

chin doesn’t look so good - can’t tell you exactly what in it - but…

Man, your work hurts my little Blender ego :slight_smile:

That is incredible! Is it poly, NURBS, or sub-division? What gets me is how much detail you guys can add.

Awesome work so far. Can’t wait for an update :wink:

looks like a god rather than a goddess, but other than that it’s pretty nice. Is that an eye on his (her) forehead? If so, I suppose later it will blend in better.

scary stuff - those eyes make me nervous :o

excellent work as usual

Cool! Reminds me of POP! :smiley:

The third eye in a vertical position is a nice touch since I have seen third eyes only horizontal yet. I like your surrealism.

Thanx all!

ztonzy No, no animation, but an AVI is better than 2 or 3 stills :wink:

@nerMmm… the chin?

mr_rob Subsurfed mesh, the half head is around 560 verts.

EurfalionReally il looks male? Well maybe just because she’s bald :wink: ? Wait the body! Ah yes, three eyes!

lemmy pop?

UsagiThanx, I believe too that if anyone has three eye the third would be vertical :stuck_out_tongue:


The hands


360° View (880kb)

Purple thingie is just placeholder to bend fingers correctly(?)

Next step! Feet :wink:


POP = Prince of Persia

wow she can realy pick her nose with those finger nails :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! Last time I played at POP was 16 colors 640x480 on a 286!

Not to speack of ears :wink:

Glad youre on the top at WC


Wow Stefano, this is looking great. Keep the updates coming!



same here, and it looked far better than the thing they are selling kids today :slight_smile:

p.s. huh the fingernails… I’m afraid of long fingernails, so… this one… well, creeps me out. :o


Or was it 320x240? I can’t remember…

Okie, update

Warning artistic (hopefully) nudity
360° view - 860 kb
Warning artistic (hopefully) nudity

Head is already a single mesh, bust is still two meshes so there are seams around.

Head might need some tweak at neck

Arms might be too thick

Forearms are less important, jewels will cover them


wow, looks great - just to show you that “present an unfinnished work only to idiots” (free translation from hebrew).