Godot 3.1 and Godot 3.2 Beta (Open-Source 2D/3D game engine)

It’s based on different techniques (to EEVEE) that aren’t all strictly tied to Vulkan. Transitioning to Vulkan could be an opportune time to explore such and other tech though.

It’s also worth your time to take a look at Ogre 3D ( Godot uses some work from Matias Goldberg from Ogre 3d ).
The PCC / VCT hybrid solution for reflections looks nice!

Visual Shaders update, part 2

As the release of 3.2 nears, the Godot team unveils the rest of the many changes brought to shader authoring (both in terms of writing them or using the nodes). With these additions and changes, Godot now has truly top-tier shader editing with more to come when version 4 brings Vulkan.

Among the changes…

  • Switch statements
  • Ability to write custom nodes
  • Texture samplers
  • Constants
  • Expression nodes
  • Many new expression types
  • Copy and Paste for nodes
  • ect…