Godot 3.1 beta 1 and Godot 3.0.6 (Open-Source 2D/3D game engine)

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Alpha 4 is imminent.

Edit: Alpha 4 is available. There will be a 5th then Godot will go into Beta. Get versions from:

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Fairly informative comments some from reduz himself:

Official terrain (C++ ?) might be looked at after the 3.1 release. Hope they look into LOD, culling / draw reduction too.

Edit: Alpha 5 is out now, available via the post above.

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I hope he does a forward thinking implementation of terrain instead of a generic heightmap system (ie. perhaps based on voxels with an adaptive resolution feature).

The guys over at Unity recently redid their terrain system, but missed the opportunity to allow the easy creation of caves and sheer cliffs with overhangs (instead going for another heightmap approach).

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CryEngine2 (Crysis) had a voxel object for this sort of thing. Guess the tech is out of favour across engines atm.

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Godot 3.1 hits beta, new development snapshot.

The official 3.1 release is getting close and the target for release is the end of January (to get it out in time for Godot Con).

Another reason is because the devs. tend to be busy with PR and other things as the time of the Game Developers Conference approaches, so having it out will be good for all users.

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I’ve been dabbling with this engine for a few days now, trying my hand at a 2D platformer and damn, it’s cool. Never used a game engine before but GDScript is super easy (almost identical to Python, at least in my basic usage) and the methods provided (move and slide, etc) are really handy. They do the heavy lifting but you still have control over their behaviour. Same goes for the tilemap node for level layout. I’m having a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

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Meanwhile in the plugin department…

Someone created a free addon for textured yet freeform 2D shapes and lines (which feature-for-feature matches the equivalent in Unity).

Get it here.

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Here, a couple of threads discussing the development roadmap, features, and priorities.

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Much of the list makes for a very promising roadmap, but I don’t see why Godot can’t just use Bullet Physics for everything and use the time saved to get the other items done and make the Bullet implementation mult-threaded and/or powered by OpenCL.

Even if Reduz saves a lot of time on physics work by borrowing a lot of the math from Bullet, I’m not sure if it will mean the custom one doing the better job. Besides that, the engine already has Andrea Catania doing all of the work in that area.

Another thing, I understand Reduz’s position on occlusion culling. I tried it once in an old BGE project and decided not to use it because it caused objects a fair distance from the scene origin to flicker like crazy. To actually do it right is quite tricky.

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https://godotengine.org/article/dev-snapshot-godot-3-1-beta-2 Beta 2 is out, release is aiming for months end. Builds are available here:

Saw PhysX mentioned, as well as the ability / framework to replace it with gamedevs_preferred middleware. I imagine they’re weighing hardware / platform and license compatibility as well as performance here. :crossed_fingers: