Godot 3.1 released (Open-Source 2D/3D game engine)

Feature articles everywhere, next is convex decomposition

This is technically not adding anything new, but it vastly improves Godot’s ability to automatically create an accurate physics shape for complex meshes. This is because the new algorithm generates multiple shapes while the old one simply made a single shape. Now it’s just one click to allow complex rigid-bodies have accurate collision.

Mozilla donates 50,000 USD for Godot development.

The projects that will result…

  1. The ability to run Godot itself as a web application (not as ambitious as it might seem, as the editor can already run to an extent on the web). See the article for the potential opportunities for development itself.
  2. More improvements to the multiplayer functionality.
  3. More high quality demos that show off what Godot can do (so the third-person shooter demo will have a bit of company).

This will not take any resources away from Vulkan or the Godot 3.2 targets because it will be done by a trio of different developers.


Let them invest some efforts to engine optimization. That is really needed for Godot. :slight_smile:

This +1000. The engine is a bit of a dog right now.

There are optimizations planned for GDscript when typing is used, the Vulkan project should also come with optimizations for that area.

For April, the focus for Reduz at least is low hanging fruit that the community has been requesting for years, hence the features being mentioned.

Double header news items

First, the annual showcase videos.

The mobile showcase is overwhelmingly 2D, but there’s a number of nice 3D games in the normal showcase.

Reduz has also released the video on the state of Godot in 2019 (as seen at GDC).

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Nice variety of styles in the showcase videos.

(Godot2D) Atlases are back

While they don’t have a lot of a use today, it can be helpful in some instances to improve memory usage and performance.

Reduz also states that he hopes this is the last of the oft-requested features so he can move onto the Vulkan integration, he ends with the usual call for more patrons so they can ultimately hire an extra developer.

In addition, WebRTC development is underway and promises to really improve the engine’s ability to make online multiplayer games.

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In other news, the community forums overhaul is nearing completion and will be moving to this new address.

What you see is just the test forum with the upgraded software, it will officially go live on the 28th.

In even more news, at least one of the new demos is under construction (do not try to download, and do not report issues as it just started).

A much easier way to produce an Android build with plugins

No compiling required, just place the Android plugin in a certain folder and it will be a part of the game when it is exported.

This can be useful for many as it will finally lead to a straightforward way for games to deliver ads (because of ads functionality being largely plugin based), which is one of the only ways to really make decent money on the platform.

As usual, they end with the call for more people signing up to donate via Patreon, as they want the ability to develop faster with more key devs. on the payroll.

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Looks like a very good engine. In recent future will definitely work in this.

Godot 3.1.1

More than a month after 3.1 final, the first maintenance release is out with a bunch of small features, bugfixes, and quality-of-life improvements.

The fixes include notable regressions from 3.0 to 3.1, so it should be safe to move any project to the new version now.

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In other news, Godot’s new and improved unofficial forum is now live.

Yes, finally live, though the theme is by no means finished, and feedback is always welcome.

Work on the Vulkan renderer has begun.

A little while back, Reduz assured users that the disruption in 3D projects will be far less than it was from Godot 2.1 to Godot 3 (because its not going from legacy to modern). He also reports that he actually turned down a lot of offers from commercial vendors to work for them because Godot is his passion, so the FOSS world can be thankful for that.

EDIT: The Reddit thread has Reduz revealing that is getting help from other companies such as Nvidia, AMD, and Valve. Could Godot end up as the anti-Unity?


WebRTC, progress report 2

As mentioned in the article, this technology mainly concerns being able to easily create online multiplayer games (with an example screen and video linked to on the bottom of the page). A lot of technical detail, but the progress is going well.

Official article on the VSE improvements

It talks about the long list of new features, including…

  1. New “add node” menu
  2. New math functions
  3. New normal functions
  4. Fresnal
  5. Script nodes (expressions)
  6. Boolean and conditional nodes
  7. ect…

This will bring Godot’s shader abilities a bit closer to that of Unity and Unreal. Also note that this is from a volunteer contributor, so it has not taken any resources away from the Vulkan project.


Godot’s documentation needs your help

The goal of the doc. sprints is to have 100 percent of the code reference documented, update outdated reference descriptions, and make everything clearer and more accessible.

Meanwhile, Godot’s Vulkan branch is live and you can follow its progress here.

I do ask, please do not try to compile and use it, as it is far from usable.

WebRTC for multiplayer, ready for use

Near the bottom you will find links to the official documentation and the official example projects.

At the least, you will need a very recent build of Godot master to use it.